GOP Senator Defects From Trump After Corrupt Pardon Spree


It was one of the “most loathsome, disgusting crimes,” is how former governor Chris Christie described why he put Jared Kushner’s dad in prison. Christie said that when he was a federal prosecutor in New Jersey, his emphasis on New Jersey, he prosecuted Kushner senior.

POTUS handed out 26 pardons Wednesday, much like he tossed out his MAGA hats at his rallies. One of those went to his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s father, Charles. Then, there were the other 25 pardons that same day. Among them were his former 2016 “campaign manager Paul Manafort and Republican political operative Roger Stone.”

Christie headed up Donald Trump’s transition team. Jared came in, fired the former prosecutor, and dumped the reams of possible names and actions the former governor had prepared into the trash. Maybe, it was something Christie said:

‘[Kushner Senior committed] one of the most loathsome, disgusting crimes that I prosecuted when I was U.S. attorney.’

Jared’s dad Charles Kushner found out that his brother-in-law and sister were going to testify against him, so what did he do? According to CNBC:

‘The elder Kushner, among other things, had hired a prostitute to lure his own brother-in-law William Schulder into a sexual tryst, which was secretly videotaped, and then sent to his wife, the sister of Charles Kushner. The stunt was designed to intimidate Schulder from acting as a witness in an investigation of Kushner for making illegal campaign contributions.’

Tuesday, Trump handed out 15 pardons. There were those that went to four Blackwater mercenaries imprisoned for war crimes, several former Republican legislators involved in Robert Mueller’s investigation, and the aforementioned friends.

Republican senators still either fear POTUS spitting on their jobs via Twitter, or they agree with him. Their silence alone is damning. Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) nudged out a meager six words:

‘This is rotten to the core.’

Manafort sent out the obligatory groveling tweet “words cannot fully convey how grateful we (his family) are:”

‘Mr. President, my family & I humbly thank you for the Presidential Pardon you bestowed on me. Words cannot fully convey how grateful we are.’

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Less than a year ago, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who is drawn to power much like a moth is drawn to a summer night light. Whether he is hungry or not, Graham will have to eat these words:

‘[P]ardoning Manafort would be seen as a political disaster for the president. There may come a day down the road after the politics have changed that you would want to consider an application from him like everybody else, but now would be a disaster.’

The Politico wrote that with 27 days left in his presidency and the nation on the doorstep of Christmas, Donald John Trump has sucked Americans into a violent cyclone of uncertainty and chaos. He is pardoning criminals at a breakneck clip.

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