‘The Lincoln Project’ Celebrates Christmas With Trump Take-Down


On his way out of office, Donald Trump continues to largely ignore the real crises facing Americans across the country. COVID-19 tolls are growing sharply, with well over 300,000 deaths across the U.S. since the start of the pandemic — and as the case counts and fatality rates continue to rise, Trump barely seems concerned. Throughout recent weeks, Trump has seemed far more concerned with delusionally fighting against the election outcome and trying to convince observers that the election was plagued by imaginary fraud. On Thursday — Christmas Eve — the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project released a new ad putting the impacts of Trump’s presidency in stark terms.

In the ad, a message on the screen characterizes the nationwide COVID-19 fatalities as “Trump’s wall.” Driving in the point, an artificially created image at the end of the minute-long video depicts a row of coffins lined up side-by-side in an environment as sunny as the southern border. The ad shares the following grim message:

‘America leads the world in COVID deaths. More than 318,000 Americans are dead: friends & colleagues; sisters, brothers, mothers, & fathers — 318,000+ bodies. End to end they would span over 331 miles. They would cross more than 5,830 football fields. Trump is building his wall — just not the one he promised.’

Check out the Lincoln Project production below:

On Thursday, as untold numbers of Americans continued to struggle through the economic chaos wrought, in part, by the gross mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, Trump went golfing at his Palm Beach-area property while staying at his nearby Mar-a-Lago resort. Notably, the White House had just recently issued a public notice insisting that Trump’s schedule includes “many meetings and calls” — although they didn’t actually list any of these supposed meetings and calls. In the past, Trump has faced criticism for his sometimes not-exactly-full schedule, and the public statement claiming that he’d be involved in “many” meetings subsequently seems like a form of desperate public image control.

Recently, Trump insisted that he would veto the currently pending COVID-19 relief package, despite his personal almost complete absence from previous negotiations. He complained about foreign aid that’s included in the bill, and he insisted that individual Americans should get checks for $2,000 instead of the planned $600 — but he has totally failed to offer any apparent meaningful follow-through on this aim. Instead of visibly negotiating with fellow party leaders, he’s golfing.