GOP Congressman Rallies Party Against Trump On Live TV


Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican, sounds thoroughly unimpressed with the post-election behavior of Donald Trump and some of his Republican enablers in Congress. Over the weekend, Kinzinger characterized Trump’s fight against the election outcome as “nothing but [a] temper tantrum and crazy conspiracies,” and during a weekend appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Kinzinger expounded upon this theme, referring to the Republican clamoring about the election as a “grifting scam.” After all, he explained, there’s no legitimate Constitutional method by which Congress can somehow discard the certified election results from individual states on a whim.

No matter the clear Constitutional guidelines for the presidential election process, Trump and some of his allies continue to pretend like there’s a legitimate pathway by which Trump could earn a second term in office. In reality, Trump and his allies have failed to prove their allegations of systematic election fraud anywhere in the country. Judge after judge has thrown out the president’s team’s claims.

Kinzinger commented as follows:

‘To explain to people that somehow Congress can overthrow the certified results of every state, that we can change an election outcome… the reality is there is no impetus to overthrow an election, even if you want to, and there is no ability to overthrow an election, even if you want to, and so all that’s being done is certain members of Congress, the president, etc… are getting retweets, they’re getting followers, they’re raising money on this scam… It is gonna disappoint the people that believe this election was stolen, that think this is an opportunity to change it, but instead of being disappointed in the people that led them on this grifting scam, they’re going to somehow try to convince these people that it was the RINOs in Congress or something like that and not the Constitution that prevents this from happening in the first place.’

Kinzinger also observed that “if you convince people that Congress can change a legitimate election and everything was stolen” then “you could see people being driven to violence.” Check out Kinzinger’s comments below:

Separately, Kinzinger also fiercely criticized the president’s recent behavior surrounding a COVID-19 relief package that both chambers of Congress have passed.

The legislation is awaiting the president’s signature — but he’s dragging out the process, insisting that individual payments for Americans should be raised from $600 to $2,000. If he’s really so concerned about securing additional assistance for Americans, then why is now when he’s publicly pushing this proposal? He had months! Americans need assistance, not a spectacle.

Kinzinger observed as follows:

‘This just shows the chaos of the whole thing… We passed it because this was the agreed upon number. It’s what the president negotiated, and then for him to come out and say now I’m gonna veto it for the $2,000 checks — fine, if you want to make it $2,000 checks, negotiate that from the beginning. Let’s have the discussion after this bill is signed, because right now we’re at a point where people are left out in the dark… I don’t understand what’s being done, [or] why, unless it’s just to create chaos and show power and be upset because you lost the election.’

Watch Kinzinger’s comments about relief negotiations below: