Widespread Trump Campaign Cash Diversion Funnel Uncovered


Donald Trump ran one of the biggest scams in the history of the United States: his presidency. Plus, he successfully divided the Republican party into the Trumpers and the greed-mongers. As the president leaves his seat behind his desk in the Oval Office, he continues to burn down elements of the US government. Little did the Grand Old Party (GOP) realize it, but the man who would be king is burning it down, too.

Trump has no loyalty to anyone but himself. Most of his donors — marks and losers to him — are members of the working class and those living on their meager Social Security checks. Through funneled campaign donations, Republican donors added $10.5 million to Trump’s own businesses during his time in office.

A total of $8.5 million was drawn from the Trump campaign, under the president’s direct control. The remaining two million was drawn from other GOP candidates and committees. The temporary president has a trust that funnels all profits from his hotels, golf courses, and buildings directly to him.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s Jordan Libowitz indicated that the watchdog group has “filed multiple lawsuits to obtain details of government spending at Trump’s businesses.” He said:

‘If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you’re Donald Trump, everything looks like a chance to make money.’

One of the big RNC fundraisers noted that the Trump Hotel was not a great value:

‘The Trump [hotel] is pricey.’

Libowitz continued:

‘It should come as no surprise that millions in political money has been funneled to his businesses or through opaque corporations to hide how much was going to his inner circle.’

Attorney with the Campaign Legal Center Brendan Fischer addressed an FEC complaint:

‘The law requires that political candidates and parties tell voters how campaign money is being spent. But Trump and the RNC routed their political spending through shell companies, leaving the public in the dark about where over three-quarters of a billion dollars have actually gone.’

President of the liberal watchdog group Public Citizen Robert Weissman said:

‘His donors are being duped. They believe they are contributing to his litigation to overturn the election results, when in fact their money is not supporting his pathetic lawsuits to sabotage our democracy but to a leadership PAC. It’s likely that all the donors to this committee are guaranteed to be doing is padding his bottom line.’

Trump’s ire against the voters, the voting machines, and the Republican Party revealed itself in his claims that the election was a fraud and that he actually won by huge majorities. He boldly declared himself the winner.

His reasoning was that he could not possibly be a loser, so he immediately began reframing that conversation. Then, there was his distancing from reality into a safely fabricated universe of his own creation. Lastly, his continued argument has been pulling in vast quantities of money. The way the documents read is that Trump can spend the greatest majority of the funds for his personal use.

The Huffington Post analysis looked into the required filings of the Republican National Committee, the Trump campaign, and their two joint fundraising committees. It found:

  1. ‘$1,716,155 to NYC’s Trump Tower
  2. $967,599 to Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel from fundraisers
  3. $639,031 to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida
  4. $3,039,979 to the Trump Hotel in New York City, $891,003 collected in the last four months of the campaign
  5. $1,363,565 to Trump’s golf resort near the Miami airport
  6. $1,632,700 to his D.C. Hotel from Republican candidates and groups over four years, “accounting for 84% of the $1,944,243 received by all of Trump’s properties from a total of 166 GOP groups”‘

The president’s committees hid $761 million of their spending by funneling it through another shell company.

CNBC Reported:

‘New records tracking fundraising from Oct. 15 to Nov. 23 show that wealthy GOP financiers largely did not help Trump in the final weeks of the bruising battle with Joe Biden as he dropped in the polls or give millions toward his current legal fight.’

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