GOP Lawyer Connects Nashville Bombing To Democrat Election Fraud


Lin Wood, a far-right Georgia attorney who’s been involved in a slew of election-related lawsuits, has now suggested that the Christmas morning explosion in Nashville, Tennessee, could be connected to imaginary election fraud that he claims involved Dominion voting machines in use during the recent presidential election. In reality, authorities have identified Anthony Q. Warner as responsible for the blast, adding that he died in the apparent suicide bombing, although a motive is unclear. With no legitimate evidence whatsoever, Wood suggested that Warner — who, just to be clear, is dead — may have been “falsely accused” of the crime, seemingly suggesting that the explosion may have been a covertly directed blast targeting Dominion-connected data at an AT&T building.

On Saturday, the day after the Nashville blast — which devastated nearby businesses and temporarily hobbled communication infrastructure in the region — Wood posted the following message on Twitter:

‘Was an AT&T data center in Nashville destroyed by the bomb yesterday? Were AT&T cell or wi-fi signals which access Internet used in connection with Dominion voting machines? Asking for a friend. P.S. It is unlawful for voting machines to be connected to Internet.’

The implication pretty clearly seems to be that Wood imagines that it’s at least possible that unidentified attackers bombed the AT&T building in Nashville in order to cover up data that documented supposed internet connections on Dominion voting machines. There’s zero legitimate supporting evidence for this nonsense. Dominion election management machines were not systematically connected to the internet, and there’s no legitimate evidence that the machines were involved in any kind of election-rigging scheme involving any other means of meddling with vote totals, like a vote-changing algorithm.

Later on Saturday evening, after his above-cited post, Wood tied an attempted defense of Warner — the Nashville bomber — to his defense of murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, who Wood is representing in court proceedings after the Illinois resident shot and killed two people at a protest in Wisconsin. Wood posted as follows:

‘Because my name is Lucian, I have read about Saint Lucian of Antioch. He was falsely accused of heresy. Kyle Rittenhouse lives in Antioch, Illinois. Kyle was falsely accused of murder. Anthony Quinn Warner is under investigation for Nashville bombing. He lives in Antioch, Tenn.’

In a follow-up Sunday post, Wood questioned whether devastation on the streets of Nashville was really caused by explosives in an RV, as authorities have explained. In certain far-right circles, an unhinged theory has gained traction stating that the Nashville explosion was caused by a missile. The level of deluded, fantastical thinking is simply staggering.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Wood also complained on Twitter after Georgia federal Judge Timothy Batten rejected a court case that he brought against Georgia electoral procedures ahead of Election Day for the state’s ongoing Senate elections.