Giuliani Announces Widespread Election Fraud Scandal Like A Maniac


On Wednesday, a Georgia state legislative committee held a hearing on election-related issues — and Rudy Giuliani made an unhinged appearance. Previously, Giuliani has pushed nonsense like the idea that a centrally planned Democratic conspiracy to fraudulently swing the election to Biden unfolded during the recently concluded presidential race. This imaginary conspiracy would involve a staggering level of national coordination, with key administrators at high levels in the Democratic Party… and yet, there have been zero arrests connected to this imaginary fraud scheme, and Giuliani has failed to even map out a comprehensive idea of how the imaginary fraud played out. Who was in charge? Biden? Hillary Clinton? DNC chair Tom Perez?

No matter the oh-so-pesky impediments to his conspiracy theories inherent in the basic reality of the situation, Giuliani commented as follows while in Georgia on Wednesday:

‘This is probably the worst situation of voter fraud we’ve ever had in this country… Whatever the result, this election is gonna live in history. This is gonna be the election that will be the dirtiest election, the most crooked election, the most manipulated election in American history — because there are more facts to be gathered… It’s gonna be a much greater dimension than we already know, and it’s gonna involve international connections.’

Check out his comments below:

At another point, Giuliani insisted that it’s “quite obvious that they [were] counting ballots illegally.” “They” who? Covert Democratic agents? Frontline workers who’d somehow been converted to the cause of nationwide election-rigging? Considering the multiple levels of supervision covering the ballot tabulation process, fraudsters would have had to be in place across the chain of command in an essentially full-scale organizational infiltration. There’s just no real substance here — Giuliani is presenting frenzied finger-pointing as fact. He points to security footage of supposedly suspicious activity as supposed evidence of the imaginary fraud — but does he really expect observers to believe that a nationwide election-rigging scheme covering multiple high-profile states was foiled by security cameras? Wouldn’t the imaginary fraudsters have thought to check on the security cameras?

Check out Giuliani’s comments below:

In concluding remarks, Giuliani said that he “implores” state legislators to hold a special session at which they could throw out Georgia’s certified election results. He insisted that, at this point, the only issue is a question of the “courage” of the legislators to respond appropriately to the evidence at hand, which is just nonsensical. No, it’s not an issue of “courage” — it’s an issue of the fact that authorities from the Department of Homeland Security to the Justice Department to state governments across the country have all confirmed that there is no legitimate evidence of systematic, outcome-changing election fraud. Giuliani is pushing ignorant nonsense.

Check out Giuliani’s comments below: