Pence Declines To Join Trump’s Conspiracy As Presidency Implodes


Vice President Mike Pence is trying to peel himself away from his attachment to Donald Trump’s everything. A new The Lincoln Project ad got under the president’s skin as it went after Pence’s so-called disloyalty, even as the VP cast doe eyes at his boss in every press conference. This vice president should have known. Everything Trump touches dies.

The video fed right into the president’s paranoia right after his VP would not stand with POTUS in his “last-ditch attempt to overturn the elections.” This information appeared in court documents regarding a lawsuit filed against Pence.

Axios reported:

‘A source who spoke to Trump said the president was complaining about Pence and brought up a Lincoln Project ad that claims that Pence is “backing away” from Trump. This ad has clearly got inside Trump’s head, the source said.’

Peter Weber

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The Independent wrote about the president:

‘President Trump has turned against everyone he thinks isn’t fighting to keep him in office after he lost the Nov. 3 election, according to several reports and Trump tweets. And among those the president considers insufficiently loyal is Vice President Mike Pence’

Representative Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) and a few other Republicans filed a lawsuit against Pence. It requested a federal judge give the VP “exclusive authority and sole discretion” to make up his mind about who really won the 2020 presidential election. Of course, that was not his job. His declaration is only a tradition. The Federal three-judge panel threw out Gohmert’s case, calling it “MOOT,” according to The Bipartisan Report.

President-elect Joe Biden has already been confirmed by the Electoral College with Biden at 302 and Trump at 232. Ironically, that was exactly the number when POTUS won over Secretary Hillary Clinton in 2016.

When Congress meets on January 6, Pence will open the certificates that each state submitted. His role is to reconfirm Biden as the president of these United States.

The court documents indicated that the VP had been approached and asked to join Gohmert and friends. But it did not pan out.

The Independent wrote that Gohmert’s attorneys and additional Republicans made this accusation:

‘In the teleconference, plaintiffs’ counsel made a meaningful attempt to resolve the underlying legal issues by agreement, including advising the vice president’s counsel that plaintiffs intended to seek immediate injunctive relief in the event the parties did not agree.’

The court documents read:

‘Those discussions were not successful in reaching an agreement and this lawsuit was filed.’

Trump has encouraged several of his still-loyal members of Congress to raise objections during this recertification process. The purpose of this tactic would be to delay the situation. Thus far, Pence has not commented on the January 6 legislative session.

VP Pence has been nowhere to be seen for the past week. The temporary president has been obsessively golfing at his Florida golf resort. On the other hand, the Veep went to Vail, Colorado on a skiing trip.

After Trump confirms Joe Biden as the president-elect, he will immediately hop a plan and escape off of the US continent. Smart move.

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