Michelle Obama Issues Rallying-Cry To Flip Georgia Blue


Election Day in Georgia’s two ongoing Senate races is fast approaching. On Tuesday, January 5, Georgia voters who haven’t already participated in early voting will head to the polls to make their voices heard in Senate races that could help determine the future of the imminent Biden presidency. If Democrats win both races, then the Senate will be 50-50, but Democrats will have control, because Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be tasked with breaking any ties. This week, the campaign of Raphael Warnock — one of the state’s Democratic Senate candidates — released a new robocall message to Georgia voters that features former First Lady Michelle Obama.

In the new ad, the former First Lady shares the following message:

‘The upcoming run-off election for Senate is gonna be very close, and in Georgia, you have an incredible amount of power. I’m asking you to vote for Reverend Raphael Warnock, because I know he’ll work with Joe Biden to help make healthcare more affordable, and together, they’ll finally take the Coronavirus seriously, passing the economic relief Georgia families need and helping get people back to work. We’re counting on you to make your voice heard on Tuesday, January 5 — so make sure you vote, and vote for Raphael Warnock.’

Check out her comments below:

Former President Barack Obama has already delivered messages for ads on behalf of both Warnock and his fellow Democratic Senate candidate, Jon Ossoff, who are running against incumbent Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, respectively. Considering President-elect Joe Biden’s own recent win in Georgia, the already run-off record-setting turnout — just from early voting! — and the very close polling, Democrats appear to have a clear chance of winning the state’s two Senate seats. Wins for Ossoff and Warnock and subsequent Democratic control of the Senate could make the path to securing critical assistance for struggling Americans significantly easier, as Michelle Obama noted.

In a recent ad for Ossoff, former President Obama observed as follows:

‘Now, America is counting on [Georgians] again. You can send Jon Ossoff to the Senate to beat this virus and rebuild our economy, to make sure everybody can afford health care, to carry the torch John Lewis passed to us with a new Voting Rights Act that secures equal justice for all. Georgia, you have the power. And now it’s time to vote.’

Check out his comments below: