Republican GA Sec of State Debunks Trump’s Election Lies


President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that he won the recent presidential election, which is simply false. A top agency at the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that there’s no legit evidence of any kind of tampering with vote tallies, and Bill Barr, when he was still on the job as U.S. Attorney General, confirmed that there was no legitimate evidence of fraud changing the election outcome. Nevertheless, Trump has specifically claimed that he won Georgia, despite President-elect Joe Biden’s documented win in the state, and during a weekend appearance on Fox News, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) fact-checked the president’s claims.

Raffensperger commented as follows:

‘People can’t handle the truth sometimes, because they’re very disappointed in the results, and I get that. I voted for President Trump also, but at the end of the day, we did everything that we could: we did an audit of the race — President Trump still lost. Then we did a full recount — President Trump still lost… We have a safe, secure process, and people need to realize that you have to get out and vote, and that’s how you win elections.’

Watch Raffensperger’s comments below:

Raffensperger is not some kind of secret liberal. In fact, as he’s explained, he supported Trump’s bid for re-election, and outside of election-related situations directly involving the president, Raffensperger has backed efforts to closely scrutinize voter registration records in the name of security, no matter the potential effect of some voters getting pushed out of the process. No matter these points, Raffensperger’s commitment to a basic level of factual reality in dealing with the 2020 presidential election has set him apart from many Republicans, including Trump.

Trump has publicly criticized Raffensperger on a number of occasions. In a post on Twitter from the day before New Year’s Eve, Trump insisted that Raffensperger and other top state officials in Georgia are “virtually controlled by [Stacey Abrams] & the Democrats,” which is simply nonsense. Raffensperger has publicly criticized Abrams, a Democratic voting rights advocate, for her own publicly expressed concerns about the electoral process. Is there anyone who Trump would be unwilling to accuse of some kind of conspiracy or complicity in fraud if a potentially politically advantageous opportunity to do so presented itself?