Republicans Unite To Rebuke Their 11-Traitorous Colleagues


Republican lawmakers and officials across the country are terrified of Donald Trump, and for one good reason: he doesn’t care about anything. He doesn’t care if the GOP goes down in flames along with him, he doesn’t care about preserving his legacy in any meaningful way, and he doesn’t care if everything he says about the 2020 election is mocked for the ridiculous, far-right conspiracy theories they are. He will gladly divide the country, work to get Republicans who wouldn’t break the rules for him voted out, break laws, and openly call to violate the U.S. Constitution without caring at all.

Some current and former Republican officials are still standing against his attempts to overturn the democratic process. Senators like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) may be planning to attempt a coup to steal the election back for Trump, but they’ll do it without the support of many of their colleagues, who are trying desperately to preserve the party. In multiple statements released over the weekend, according to the Associated Press, Republican senators spoke out against those efforts.

‘The senators wrote that further attempts to cast doubt on the election are “contrary to the clearly expressed will of the American people and only serve to undermine Americans’ confidence in the already determined election results.”’

These efforts come despite Trump losing the election by 74 electoral college votes and more than seven million popular votes. They also come despite evidence of Trump’s more obvious attempts to overthrow the election, including leaked audio of Trump threatening the Republican secretary of state in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, telling him he was taking “a big risk” if he doesn’t “find” more votes to put Trump over the top.

‘Despite Trump’s claims of voter fraud, state officials have insisted the elections ran smoothly and there was no evidence of fraud or other problems that would change the outcome. The states have certified their results as fair and valid. Of the more than 50 lawsuits the president and his allies have filed challenging election results, nearly all have been dismissed or dropped. He’s also lost twice at the U.S. Supreme Court.’

Trump’s supporters, however, are determined to condemn any Republican who won’t stand behind the president’s attempts to change the election results, which create a serious threat for any lawmaker depending on those votes to win their next election. Trump knows this and is not afraid to use it against them.

‘Trump is refusing to concede, and pressure is mounting on Vice President Mike Pence to ensure victory while presiding in what is typically a ceremonial role over the congressional session. Trump is whipping up crowds for a rally in Washington.’