Voting Machine Company To Sue Trump Lawyer Over Election Lies


Donald Trump stumbled, tripping over one of his free-ranging double-wrist-sized vines of loose talk. He has not reached the ground yet, so he does not yet know that his and his minions’ words have finally caught up with him. But when he does hit bottom, reality will settle over him like a cloak of over-used oil.

One of the two voting systems, Dominion, intends to sue one of Trump’s attorneys Sidney Powell “imminently” for defamation of character, according to CEO John Poulos speaking on the Axios Re: Cap podcast. Not only that, the Dominion Voting Systems company continues to look into the possibility of like lawsuits against Trump and others in his realm.

The company has just had it with “baseless accusations of malfeasance during last November’s elections.”

During that interesting one-hour and three-minute phone call with Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the president said that Dominion, which is based in America, was “corrupt.” He also said that he believed the machines had been “recently removed and/or altered by Dominion employees.” Fortunately, Raffensperger tried to disavow him of that misconception.

Dominion indicated that the president’s word attack has brought “death threats against its employees, including one who remains unable to return to his home.”

Dominion’s machines are also used in other states.

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