Schwarzenegger Trashes Trump Over Call To Georgia AG


Is Donald Trump evil? Actor, former husband of Maria Schriver, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to think so. He has been doing a verbal Hasta la Vista on the man running this big nation. That phrase is lifted from one of the former governor’s movies, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Although Americans use that term freely, it is not often spoken in Mexico, because its meaning there has more to do with a cocking rifle sound, and “you’re dead.”

Schwarzenegger has called Trump’s pressure campaign to “recalculate” the Georgia election results “un-American bullshit.”

In an op-ed published Tuesday in The Economist, California’s former Republican governor called Raffensperger a “true hero.” Stacey Abrams would beg to differ.

The voting rights activist and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate appeared on CBS’ Late Night with Stephen Colbert Monday evening. She said, according to The Huffington Post:

‘Lionizing Brad Raffensperger’s a bit wrong-headed. This man is not defending the right of voters. He’s defending an election that he ran.’

She also noted that Raffensperger worked with Republicans to limit ballot box access. He has also come up with new restrictions that might start in time for the next election. All-in-all, Abrams added that Raffensperger standing firm to the bulldozer of Donald Trump was a “good thing:”

‘[But] even a broken clock is right twice a day.’

Drawing the most attention was the audio recording of Donald Trump’s call to Raffensperger where the president told him to “find 11,780 votes.” That would give him a one-point lead over Biden.

Schwarzenegger urged Republicans who were ready to latch onto the Electoral College vote in Congress negatively “to reconsider.”

‘I once did a Terminator film called ‘Judgment Day (1991). That’s just Hollywood. But January 6th is Judgment Day for a lot of politicians. Will they choose to side with the voters, or will they choose to side with their party and their selfish president?’

The governor for California from 2003 to 2011 wrote:

‘For those in my party considering standing up against the voters on January 6th, know this: our grandchildren will know your names only as the villains who fought against the great American experiment and the will of the voters. You will live in infamy.’

Schwarzenegger said the Republicans would be choosing “party over country, conspiracy over democracy, and one man over 81 [million] voters:”

‘President Donald Trump’s actions to destroy faith in our elections and throw centuries of American principles out the window must be met with universal condemnation from all political leaders, regardless of party. There is no question about who won the presidential election, and continuing this charade is stupid, crazy, and evil.’

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