Eric & Lara Trump Suffer Post GA Loss Meltdowns At MAGA Rally


We thought he might ask for a pony on his birthday, but no, Eric Trump did not want that. Did he want some metal toy soldiers? Probably not, because his dad would likely take them for himself. They did not stop making soldiers from lead until 1966, according to That means that Trump The Elder already played with his toxic lead soldiers for quite some time. Oh, well. What Eric really asked for is just as outrageous as these two duds.

Wednesday is Eric Trump’s birthday. Ironic, is it not? He spoke to Donald Trump’s supporters who by invitation of POTUS congregated in multiple Washington DC locations. Eric and his wife Lara Trump were there to protest President-elect Joe Biden’s win over his father. Regardless, the expectation continues to be that Congress will certify Biden’s win during a joint session. Lara insisted that the results were not firm yet.

Lara Trump told the crowd:

‘Our fight has only just begun. Let’s be very, very clear about that, and Eric said it. Our family didn’t get in this fight for just four years, we are in this fight to the bitter end. We are going to take our country back, okay?’

Then, she added:

‘Before we go, there’s something very important that I want to make sure everybody knows today. Today happens to be my husband’s birthday. Honey, you have any birthday present you would like from the United States of America?’

After that, Eric Trump, 37, said he actually did have a gift in mind. He wanted this from all the elected legislators:

‘Well, actually, I have one birthday present from all the senators and the congressmen. Have some backbone, show some fight, learn from Donald Trump. He has more fight in [him] than every other one combined, and they need to stand up and we need to march on the Capital today, and we need to stand up for this country and we need to stand up for what’s right. We love you, America. God bless you all.’

Lara Trump kicked off a rousing round of Happy Birthday to her husband. Then, the crowd joined in with her.

The Washington Post reported four newsworthy issues. The first was the crowd packed between Washington Monument and the Ellipse, many not wearing masks. The second was that Tuesday, before the events began, DC police arrested 10. Both of the elder Trump sons spoke to the crowd. Last, the National Guard was there to support the city police:

  • ‘Thousands of Trump supporters are gathered at the Mall, packed between the Washington Monument and the Ellipse to the point where few people can stand without touching someone else.
  • D.C. police said they made 10 arrests Tuesday afternoon into early Wednesday at pro-Trump demonstrations, while Park Police made one. Charges included weapons violations and assault.
  • Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump called on members of Congress to reject electoral votes Wednesday that would solidify their father lost, saying “This isn’t their Republican Party anymore.”
  • The District has mobilized the National Guard and has every city police officer on duty Wednesday. Here’s a list of the streets closed to traffic.’

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