Trump Supporters Rage Swarm Lindsey Graham At D.C. Airport


On Friday, a group of maniacal Trump supporters angrily confronted Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) at Ronald Reagan International Airport, which is in the D.C. area. In video footage from the scene, these Trump fanatics can be heard loudly calling Graham a “traitor” after the prominent Republican vocally refused to support the plan among some Republicans to object to President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral votes when Congress met to confirm the numbers earlier this week. At the D.C-area airport, one of the individuals who was vocally harassing Graham was wearing a t-shirt in support of the “QAnon” movement, a far-right collection of delusional conspiracy theories insisting that top Democrats are secret Satanists.

Based on footage, Graham appears to have been traveling with a police escort during the confrontation between him and the frenzied Trump supporters. The area of the airport in which the scene unfolded appeared to be close to the gates, where airplanes await their passengers — which, crucially, sits behind a security perimeter in the building, meaning that the Trump supporters who confronted Graham appear to have been either on their way to or from the area, rather than organized protesters. The individuals could have been leftovers from the violent pro-Trump gathering in D.C. earlier this week.

Check out footage of the confrontation between Graham and the angry Trump supporters below:

One of the individuals involved in the airport chaos, pro-Trump agitator Mindy Robinson, shared video of themselves harassing the Senator. In her footage, Robinson can be heard insisting that Graham “knew it was rigged!”, referring to the election, and also asserting that he would face public harassment like the vitriol that she was providing for the rest of his life. She also appears to have been screaming “Audit our vote!” as if the election results haven’t already gone through rounds of intensive, comprehensive verification in every state of the country. Watch Robinson’s footage below — she appears to also insist that Graham “better enjoy Gitmo,” which is just stunningly unhinged:

To be clear: the presidential election was not “rigged,” and claims otherwise are simply false. There is not and has never been any legitimately conclusive evidence of any kind of systematic election fraud that would come anywhere close to changing the outcome in a single state, let alone the entire country.