Jim Jordan Has Phony Meltdown Over 2nd Trump Impeachment


During a weekend appearance on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures with host Maria Bartiromo, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) tried to gloss right over the role that outgoing President Donald Trump himself played in inciting the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday. Instead of acknowledging the lies about the election and calls to action that Trump shared in the lead-up to the violence, Jordan complained about a years-old text that then-FBI official Peter Strzok sent about Trump supporters and Wal-Mart. He also complained about a derogatory term that then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used for Trump supporters over four years ago, again failing to acknowledge Trump’s behavior.

Jordan petulantly ranted as follows:

‘What happened Wednesday is a tragedy. Everyone knows that it’s as wrong as wrong can be… 75 million Americans who supported the president have been called deplorables who eat at the Olive Garden. Remember what Peter Strzok said when he was at the Wal-Mart several years ago — he said that he could smell the Trump supporters here. Now the Democrats are going to try to remove the president from office just seven days before he’s set to leave anyway? I do not see how that unifies the country. I hope what happens is what Senator Graham said Friday night on this network, when he asked Vice President Joe Biden — President-elect Joe Biden — to give a speech to the country and say we should not be pursuing this impeachment. We should not be pursuing the 25th Amendment. Let’s bring the country together and move forward and return to being America — the greatest nation ever. That’s where we need to focus.’

As the nation reels from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis — which has claimed the lives of over 372,000 Americans and recently helped spark the loss of some 140,000 jobs across America in December alone — Jordan seems focused on… a comment that Hillary Clinton made over four years ago, while simultaneously extolling the need for the country to “move forward.”

In a follow-up rant, Jordan accused Democrats of failing to stay consistent on opposition to violence, which is such a tired trope. Biden himself repeatedly, unequivocally, and publicly condemned violence in all forms when anti-police brutality protests occasionally progressed into riots last year.

Jordan said that Democrats “said that the cause justified the action,” as if Democratic leaders claimed that standing against police brutality justified the pockets of violent rioting that unfolded — which is flatly untrue. Democratic leaders didn’t justify violence. In stark contrast, after the violence at the Capitol, Trump himself offered a rather unequivocal public justification of what happened, writing on Twitter via his since-removed account that “these are the things and events that happen” when a “sacred landslide victory” is stolen, which didn’t happen. Nobody stole Trump’s supposed rightful election victory — he lost.

At the conclusion of his deceptive rant accusing Democrats of accepting violence, Jordan insisted on “unifying the country as we move forward,” as if he himself hadn’t just accused Democratic leaders of welcoming violent riots. Check out his comments below: