PGA To Strip Championship From Trump Golf Course After Failed Coup


Donald Trump’s awards and trophies have been flying out of his possession as if there was a giant magnet pulling them back to their original homes. His honors from universities are gone. VP Mike Pence’s 25th Amendment award is still up in the air. If POTUS ever had any Girl Scout badges, gone. Any Olympic dancing wins, gone. This last one, though, has to really hurt.

The PGA will rip Trump’s Bedminster 2020 PGA Championship from him, according to

Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch wrote a scalding column telling the golf world to break all ties with POTUS. The GPA has only been holding off from moving the championship event to another location until Trump left office. Lynch wrote:

‘The odds that ’22′s PGA Championship will happen as scheduled in New Jersey are about as good as the chances of you or I winning it. Seth Waugh, the PGA of America’s CEO, was a banker and has an alert eye for high-risk exposure.’

‘He knows that Trumpism is likely to be an equally incendiary force in the ’22 midterm elections and that any affiliation is poisonous. Waugh will be forced to move the event and face down a small but vocal faction of his membership who remain true believers.’

He continued:

‘Moving its major from Trump National has been debated internally at the PGA for more than two years, but executives have been reluctant to antagonize a famously vindictive man who controls the Internal Revenue Service. Such concerns melt away in 10 days, if not sooner.’

The Washington Post columnist Barry Svrluga wrote that some of the biggest golfing celebrities have upset many golfing fans by hanging out with Trump. Those included: Tiger Woods, Nancy Lopez, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Annika Sorenstam.

Lynch said “the events of January 6 that left five people dead ought to make him a pariah everywhere. Including in golf:”

“Reputations too have been left bruised in the eyes of many golf fans. Like those of Jack Nicklaus and Nancy Lopez, both of whom have long been celebrated for their character and rectitude.’

‘Both supported Trump in the waning days of the election campaign, despite clear signs he would not accept any result he didn’t like.’

Lynch continued, noting that Trump had “incited the mob that killed a police officer:”

‘Arguably even more sullied are the reputations of Gary Player and Annika Sorenstam, who attended the White House to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the man who just one day earlier had incited the mob that killed a police officer.’

He added that golf will get the bad name of being how Trump fiddled as the United States of America burned and blood was shed:

‘The game will instead be portrayed as Trump’s refuge, something he did while ignoring a pandemic that has claimed 365,000 lives, refusing to acknowledge a resounding electoral defeat, and inciting feeble-minded fascists to violence that left five people dead at the opposite end of Pennsylvania Avenue.’

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