Ability To Accept Money Stripped By Trump’s Financial Company


Donald Trump’s financial picture becomes direr and direr moment-by-moment since his failed coup attempt. He lost the PGA. Then, Mariott International and Blue Cross/Blue Shield jumped ship, too. These two companies also said they would not make any corporate donations to any legislator who voted against the Electoral College following the siege. Then, this tech company pulled its support. The iceberg is fast approaching, with this leader careening wildly at the helm.

Stripe is a payment processing company based in San Francisco, CA that handles online credit card payments, according to CNN. This business said that Trump violated its terms of service by encouraging violence that ended with his terrorists inflicting violence against the Capitol Building and its people.

Apple and Google quit giving Parler a platform. According to them, the far-right internet site does not monitor its content. Amazon also pulled hosting Parler, unless it moderates its content.

Stripe limits payments from those deemed “high risk.” So what does that mean? According to CNBC, the label refers to those restricted to:

‘[Someone who] engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence or physical harm to persons or property.’

Stripe earned over $1.8 million from the 2020 Trump election campaign the FCC (Federal Election Commission) records indicate:

‘Last month, Trump’s campaign and political operation reported raising more than $207 million between Election Day and early December as he inundated supporters with emails and texts asking for donations to help challenge the election results. An increasing share of the money, however, flowed to a leadership political action committee that Trump established to help fund his post-White House activities.’

At this time, the latest figures on the president’s fundraising have not been made public.

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