New Trump Approval Ratings Have GOP Clutching Pearls


Donald Trump is no longer the popular kid in the political classroom. His job approval rating dropped like a rock in just one month. In a rare turn of events, a news story, the attempted coup, has worsened the more people learn. Normally, the news reaches a fast peak and then declines. Trump ginned up his very angry mob of up to 10,000 and let them loose on the Capitol Building. Six people have died, but it could have been so much worse.

Quinnipiac University just released its new poll regarding Donald Trump’s job approval rating.

Hunters tried to locate Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the second and third in line to the presidency in order to truss them up with plastic ties, take them to the gallows set up on the grounds and kill them. Had the mob found out where the legislators were hiding and had Uzis, most of the government could have been destroyed. This was Donald Trump’s failed coup.

Americans have become horrified, which was reflected in a stunning drop of 11 percent in Trump’s job approval rating. Only 33 percent of them approved of how POTUS had done his job. Just one month ago in December, 44 percent approved of how he was doing. His rating had not been this low since August 2017 when it was equally bad. At that time, Trump was trying to repeal the popular Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare), according to The USA Today newspaper.

As for the Democrats, a full 94 percent disapproved of how Trump was doing on the job. A mere four percent approved. With Republicans, there was a 71 percent job approval rating. That left 20 percent disapproving. In contrast, among independent voters 65 percent approved and 28 percent disapproved.

At the bottom of the reason for this drop, 56 percent of American voters blamed Trump for the mob invading the Capitol Building while the House and Senate were in the process of certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s presidency. However, 42 percent did not hold him responsible.

Over half of the voters, 52 percent, wanted Trump removed from office. That left 45 percent who disagreed. As for resigning the presidency, 53 percent agreed and 43 percent disagreed.

Quinnipiac University polling analyst, Tim Malloy said:

‘A majority of Americans hold President Trump responsible for the chaos at the Capitol, and a slight majority believe that he should be removed from office.’

‘When it comes to whether American democracy is under threat. Both Republicans and Democrats see a raging five-alarm fire, but clearly disagree on who started it.’

Trump has been scheduled to vacate the White House residence on January 20, when Biden is sworn in as president. In the meantime, the president is in the process of being impeached by the Democratic-led House. The only article of impeachment at this time is for Incitement of Insurrection, according to ABC News.

Americans were worried. Seventy-four percent of voters believed democracy was under threat. Only 21 percent considered it “alive and well.” There was 60 percent who believed Trump was undermining America’s democracy and 34 percent believed he was protecting it.

Breaking the numbers down by Republican voters, 73 percent thought Trump was protecting the democracy, and 20 percent said he was undermining it.

The poll was taken by self-identified registered voters throughout the nation. Among the 1,239 interviewees, the margin of error was 2.8 +/- percentage points. Quinnipiac conducted the survey from January 7 through January 10.

To view the poll in its entirety, go to this link at Quinnipiac University.

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