Behind-The-Scenes Trump Behavior Leaked; ‘Babysitting Violent Toddler’


Oh, to know what Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence talked about in their guaranteed strained meeting Monday. The VP probably had a few words about the coup attempt. He might have said something like “Mr. President, you sent your hounds from hell to string me up at the gallows. Other than that, it was not a bad day all-in-all.”

If the president followed his traditional defensive posture, he could have responded:

‘Oh, Mikey. You know I love you. It was Melania. She forced me to do it, because she is jealous of our relationship.’

Stepping outside of the Donald J. Trump fantasy world, the climate on Capitol Hill and in the White House is grim, according to The Daily Beast:

‘[H]is political aides are just trying to keep him from blowing up the country—again.’

One senior lieutenant described the situation as an ongoing act of:

‘[B]abysitting [a] violent toddler.’


With a form of morbid curiosity, we wonder what has been happening in the Trump White House, now that his coup has been foiled. Aides say privately, he has been holed up within the walls and going around bellowing:


Regarding the attempted murder of Pence during their Monday meeting, ABC reported:

‘The officials did not say whether the insurrection at the Capitol came up.’

Now, the country only has to suffer through eight more days of Trump’s insanity. Of course, look at what he accomplished in just one day on January 6. Top political aides have one goal — to just distract their boss from creating more strife and pain.

The White House echoes with emptiness as people try to spend their last days working from home or just abandoning the seriously listing ship of Trump’s state of mind. His isolation keeps his mind folding in upon itself, and it is nearly impossible to imagine the depths of his depravity. Members of the Cabinet have been peeling off with the ill-advised thinking that they will escape the horrid stink of POTUS presidency.

Four White House officials said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, and VP Pence have been in discussions about the risks Trump incurred. He has placed the naiton at great political risk. Trump’s top advisors have been just trying to escape another history-making disaster.

Just days after the violence Trump generated with his mob storming the Capitol, the staff have been gathering themselves. They have been trying to operate as usual this way:

‘The idea now is to do it with as little communication with the Oval Office as possible, those officials said.’

A senior Trump official said:

‘The idea is to run the ship as it’s always been run. Everyone seems to be keeping their heads down and staying in their zone. There’s been no talk of the 25th Amendment or removing [Trump] from office. It’s just, “Let’s get through this.’

Top GOP and Trump donor Dan Eberhart said he was sorry that he had given Trump’s campaign $100,000:

‘Trump should be staying up at night seriously considering resigning. He has lost the moral imperative to lead the country through the next week and a half.’

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