NYC Explores Legal Move To Stop Financial Obligations With Trump


Donald Trump is from New York. Then, he got mad at his hometown city and moved his residency to what he called his Southern White House, Mar-a-Lago. Yet, much of his business remains centered in New York City. That is where a massive problem for him started to unfold.


Alicia Keyes’ song New York sums up the president’s dilemma. In part, the lyrics read on Lyrics-on-net:

‘Noise was always loud, there are sirens all around and the streets are mean. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere, that’s what they say.’

Apparently, the soon-to-be-gone president cannot make it there.

Spokesperson for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Laura Feyer (D) sent The Hill a statement on Tuesday. It appears the city will be “reviewing whether legal grounds exist” to end its contracts with the Trump Organization:

‘The attacks on our Capitol killed a police officer, left four rioters dead, exposed lawmakers to COVID-19 and threatened the constitutional transfer of power. They were a national abomination.’

‘We’re reviewing whether legal grounds exist in light of these new circumstances to terminate concessions with the Trump Organization.’

POTUS handed off the daily operations of The Trump Organization to his sons when he became president. The organization has a number of contracts with NYC. His contracts are to run “a carousel, two ice rinks, and a golf course in the city’s parks.” The Trump Organization has made about $17 million from the park concessions, The Washington Post reported.

The city’s decision to reconsider its Trump contracts is a direct result of him inflaming a raging mob and loosened it. He directly incited the terrorist attack on the United States’ Capitol Building on January 6.

New York-headquartered Signature Bank has also announced it intends to close the president’s personal bank account containing about $5.3 million. The reason was the “displeasure and shock” the bank’s management expressed over the violent Capitol attack.

Signature Bank released this statement:

To witness a rioter sitting in the presiding chair of the U.S. Senate and our elected representatives being told to seek cover under their seats is appalling and an insult to the Republic.

This bank has announced that it would not do business with any legislator who challenged President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, even after the building was overrun.

The bank also called upon Trump to resign:

‘We witnessed the President of the United States encouraging the rioters and refraining from calling in the National Guard to protect the Congress in its performance of duty.’

The main electronic tool that the Trump Campaign used to do its e-commerce business, Shopify, shut Trump down. The campaign can no longer sell its merchandise through the business. The business took down completely. Shopify listed “violated policies” as its reason for dumping the near-citizen:

‘[P]romotion or support of organizations, platforms, or people that threaten or condone violence to further a cause.’

The PGA (Professional Golfers’ Associate of America) just announced it is moving its 2022 championship from the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister in New Jersey, according to The Bipartisan Report.

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