Eric Trump Launches Hissy-Fit Over Liberal ‘Cancel Culture’


Saturday Night Live (SNL) has Eric Trump’s number, and it is zero. The quintessential middle son flails about in his father’s world, searching for something, anything. He follows his older brother on hunting trips to pose with dead endangered animals. He stands on stage with his wife and his dad, never appearing quite comfortable. Who is this guy who runs Trump’s empire?

Businesses with a keen sense of smell for the dead and dying have begun peeling away from any association with Donald Trump. They are fleeing from his tainted association, including contracts with the city of New York to run a carousel, two ice rinks, and a golf course in the city’s parks, according to the Bipartisan Report.

Eric Trump stood on the “rally” stage January 6, just before the attempted coup by the ugly, enraged crowd.  Later he remarked to the AP that he said:

‘[H]ave some backbone. Show some fight. Learn from Donald Trump…March on the Capitol.’

Tuesday, Eric told the AP that the riots were part of a liberal “cancel culture.” He added that his dad would leave a lasting brand in history, millions of followers devoted to him, and all willing to follow him “to the ends of the Earth:”

‘You have a man who would get followed to the ends of the Earth by a hundred million Americans. He created the greatest political movement in American history and his opportunities are endless.’

New York Mayor Bill deBlasio (D) said:

‘The president incited a rebellion against the United States government, a clearly unconstitutional act. That’s unforgivable.’

Signature Bank closed down Trump’s accounts:

‘We witnessed the president of the United States encouraging the rioters and refraining from calling in the National Guard to protect the Congress in its performance of duty.’

The president’s largest lender, Deutsche Bank, closed down its endless line of credit to Trump. Eric said:

‘We live in the age of cancel culture, but this isn’t something that started this week. It is something that they have been doing to us and others for years. If you disagree with them, if they don’t like you, they try and cancel you.’

Trump’s golf courses and resorts are suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. The company laid off over 1,000 employees. The business has also been trying to sell the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC to no avail.

An anonymous member of Trump’s golf club said:

‘They don’t want to be publicly shamed for being a member of his golf club. Do you think a guy who works for a financial firm or a drug company wants to see his picture in the paper?’


Somehow, five of Trump’s children have managed to survive around the spitting volcano that is Donald Trump, ready to blow at any time. Eric Trump claimed the business losses were no big deal, adding that the Trump Organization has “minimal debit — $400 million held in ratio against the billions of dollars in assets — collateral.

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