‘The Girl Scouts’ Move To End Lease With Trump After Insurrection


Imagine selling the use of your name for a living. Take the name Donald Trump, for example. There are the Trump ties, of course. Why diet, when you can look 100 pounds lighter with a Trump tie? Imagine Trump steaks, straight from the boy cow or Trump underwear that could have a rapid release for the busy man. He even sold his name to the Trump urine tests, for when you do not really want to know what your employees do for fun.

Now, it is the Girl Scouts of Great New York who are abandoning him. According to The Business Insider, the organization wants to break its 15-year-lease early. It has been housed in a Trump family-managed building since 2014.

When it comes to brand names, the Girl Scouts are all about a clean, honorable name. The organization certainly does not want to sully its good name with POTUS’ corruption and a failed coup.

CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York CEO Meridith Maskara said in a statement:

‘As a matter of very high priority, our organization has been exploring options for getting out of the lease and the building. We continue to investigate our options and work to find an office space that would best serve the girls of New York City.’

This week, people are talking about the Big Lie, which is that this president won the 2020 election.  It is indicative of the “post-truth pre-fascism.” Author of On Tyranny, Timothy Snyder claims that the president’s Big Lie has been magnified by the wild West environment that is social media. He wrote in The New York Times:

‘When we give up on truth, we concede power to those with the wealth and charisma to create spectacle in its place. Without agreement about some basic facts, citizens cannot form the civil society that would allow them to defend themselves.’

‘If we lose the institutions that produce facts that are pertinent to us, then we tend to wallow in attractive abstractions and fictions. Truth defends itself particularly poorly when there is not very much of it around, and the era of Trump — like the era of Vladimir Putin in Russia — is one of the decline of local news. Social media is no substitute.’

: It supercharges the mental habits by which we seek emotional stimulation and comfort, which means losing the distinction between what feels true and what actually is true.’

Then, Snyder offers a simple solution:

‘Just tell the simple truth.’

Unfortunately, the Girl Scouts have chosen to not wait for Trump to become enlightened. The company is just the last in a growing list of organization names wishing to abandon 45.

New York City just announced it will end all of its Trump Organization contracts, primarily affiliated with family entertainment, The Bipartisan Report indicated. These include park management of a carousel, two ice rinks, and “Trump” Golf links in the Bronx.

The family business had 19 companies paying him for the use of his name in 2015. People wanted to be affiliated with the family’s golden wealth and celebrity. Now, only two of them are still with him. For a person who owes an estimated $400 million, that has to hurt:

‘One is a Panamanian company selling Trump bed linens and home goods. The other is a Turkish company selling Trump furniture.’

Trump “Success” cologne used to cost $42 an ounce, according to the Perfumania website. Now, people can purchase it for the low, low price of $9.99. But not all of his enterprises have failed.

The president’s Mar-a-Lago Club and Washington DC hotel haul in the cash from both Republican campaigns and evangelical Christian groups.

The NPD Group’s Marshal Cohen measures retail business trends. He said:

‘Once the political campaign started, the wall went up. The wall that he [built] was more around his merchandise than it was around Mexico.’

As it turns out, the Trump name is just as cheap as his defunct Trump University, which never was a real university nor graced by the Donald.

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