Insurrection Investigation Into Lauren Boebert Demanded By Colorado Officials


People across the country have been horrified at Donald Trump’s continuing reign of terror. In a fit of pique, POTUS invited a mob of homegrown terrorists to the Capitol, incited them, and sent them to wage war where the legislators were working, the Capitol Building. In Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, government officials condemned one of their own.

There were 68 Colorado officials ranging from mayors to town council officials who sent a letter to House leaders. These officials condemed Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) after the homegrown terrorists seized the U.S. Capitol Buiding and rampaged through it. They wielded anything that could be used as a weapon, their rage, and heat-seeking blood lust to locate the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Vice President Mike Pence (R).

The terrorists breached the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6 at 1:06 pm while the legislators went about their business of certifying President-elect Joe Biden the 2020 presidential winner. Nearly an hour later, at 2:13 police yanked Vice Presdient Mike Pence from the room. Immediately after, they pulled Pelosi from the room both protesting. They are the second and third in the line of succession.

The letter went to the House Speaker, Yahoo News reported:

‘We have heard overwhelmingly from our constituents, therefore her constituents, that there is deep concern about her actions leading up to and during the protests that turned into a violent deadly mob.’

Boebert had been objecting to the Arizona election results. She presented challenges and said the state’s votes should be zeroed out:

‘I have constituents outside this building right now, and I promised my voters to be their voice. They know that this election is not right, and as their representative, I am sent here to represent them.’

Immediately after, legislators escaped to a secret location. Six people died as a result of the mob’s actions including two police officers.

Boebert’s conduct was in “direct conflict with her responsibility as an elected official,” the letter wrote. It demanded that the House investigate her and punish her in a very serious manner. In addition, it wanted investigations into the terrorist groups.

The letter pointed to any number of House floor statements and social media posts that day and night. The next morning, Boebert tweeted, “Today is 1776.”

The letter continued:

‘Representative Boebert’s speech and tweets encouraged the mob mentality of her social media followers and the people who directly participated in the destructive violence that disrupted a lawful democratic process from taking place as scheduled.’

Some of them accused Boebert of tweeting the location of Pelosi during the chaos. The representative responded that this was ridiculous. Boebert said that she was not “revealing some big secret.” Her statement read:

‘Let’s get real — the far left and their policies are causing harm to our country. I refuse to let their political machine write a narrative that millions of Americans know is false.’

Boebert included a significant list of comments made by Democrats and members of Hollywood. The Colorado official said that they were the ones who “encouraged mob violence.”

The officials’ letter read that they made several attempts to contact Boebert to no avail:

‘As elected officials we are dedicated to serving all those in our region regardless of their affiliation. We take this responsibility seriously and expect Representative Boebert to do so as well.’

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