Post-Insurrection Missouri Polls Devastate Josh Hawley


The political career of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) appears to already be over. It’s a turnaround that rivals Anthony Scaramucci’s time as Communications Director for President Trump.

Hawley has lost a book deal, been ostracized by the colleagues in his own party, and faces widespread criticism for his role in supporting Trump’s attempt at a coup. Voters have not let this go unnoticed, and a slim majority of those in Missouri are calling on Hawley to resign.

According to the survey, 51 percent of likely voters in Missouri say that Hawley should resign, while 49 percent say that they support his actions. Only 39 percent of voters, however, said that they have a favorable view of the new senator. In fact, his approval rating is already lower in the state than Donald Trump’s, who has sunk to a new low in the state with only 48 percent of the red state’s voters saying that have a favorable opinion of him.

When the question of Hawley was phrased differently, responses changed, as well.

‘One or both of your Senators allied themselves with white nationalists who attacked the Capitol Police, resulting in the death of an officer. Knowing this, would you support or oppose replacing your Senator with someone else?’

52 percent of likely Missouri voters say they would support Hawley being replaced, while only 28 percent say they would oppose that move.

Hawley’s own Republican senatorial colleagues appear to agree more with those who want him replaced. Many of them see him as having had a crucial part in inflaming tensions around the 2020 elections that sparked an attempt at insurrection that ended with five people dead, including a Capitol Police officer.

The Wall Street Journal describes the scene during the time elected officials in Congress were forced into hiding to escape a murderous mob who erected a gallows pole and stormed the floors of the House and Senate carrying zip ties.

‘In a secure room where stunned senators were hiding from an angry mob on Wednesday, Sen. Josh Hawley stood in a corner, mostly alone.

‘“It was extremely striking,” said a person who was in the room on that chaotic day. “For most of the time, he was in a corner of the room by himself with no one talking to him or acknowledging him.”’

What Hawley will be remembered for, despite having served a short time in office thus far, is embracing the cult of Trumpism that has fractured, perhaps beyond repair, the Republican Party. A majority of red voters say they are more likely to follow Trump away from the GOP. Hawley has contributed much to that fracture.

The Washington Post writes that:

‘Hawley has become a symbol of how far the Republican Party went to stay in the good graces of outgoing President Trump’s supporters. And his critics, both on the left and a growing number in his own party, see Hawley’s positions in particular as dangerous. He’s lost major donors and supporters and a book deal; his home state newspaper said he had “blood on his hands”; thousands of law school alumni and students have pushed for him to be disbarred; and at least one Democratic senator has called on Hawley to resign.’

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