12 Executive Orders To Restore America From Trump’s Destruction Announced


It is going to take a while to reverse all of the terrible measures that Donald Trump has wrought upon this great nation of ours. He has let nearly 400,000 Americans die in the coronavirus epidemic, caged the children of legal refuge seekers, and tanked the economy. These are just the most obvious. Fortunately, President-elect Joe Biden understands what is at stake.

Biden has had his transition team in place for months, and they have been laying the groundwork for him to take office with a top group of individuals already in place. All the Senate has to do is confirm them, but there is more, The Politico reported.

On his first day in office, the new president has scheduled signing 12 executive orders. They would reverse some of Trump’s most egregious actions by means of signing Executive Orders into place, his incoming Chief of Staff Ron Klein told Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Nation.

As a result of those orders, Biden intends to freeze evictions and student loan payments while the coronavirus continues. The one-day-old president will also reverse Migrant Protection Protocols halting travel from predominantly Muslim countries, which Trump authorized. The 45th president halted entry to people in mid-flight in some instances and turned many back to their home countries.

On Biden’s first overseas trip, he will go to the United Kingdom. Once there, 46 will begin the task of repairing Trump’s ignominious actions against our allies. In addition, the new president will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

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