‘MyPillow Guy’ Hit With Legal Notice Over Defamation


Dominion Voting Systems — the election management machines company that outgoing President Donald Trump and his allies have targeted with ridiculous claims of nationwide election-rigging — apparently threatened to sue prominent Trump ally Mike Lindell via a letter last month. Lindell is founder and CEO of the MyPillow company and a prominent proponent of those deranged conspiracy theories about Dominion and election-rigging. Recently, besides his participation in public-facing advocacy, Lindell was even at the White House with notes referencing martial law, although The New York Times reports that national security adviser Robert O’Brien and White House counsel Pat Cipollone “steered him away.”

In their December letter to Lindell, Dominion’s law firm notified the Trump sycophant of his “ongoing obligations to preserve documents related to Dominion’s claims for defamation based on allegations that the company acted improperly during the November 2020 presidential election and somehow rigged the election in favor of President-Elect Joe Biden.” Destroying evidence is, of course, an illegal act — the records must be kept. Despite the allegiance of Lindell and others to this idea, no court anywhere in the country has ever accepted the claim from Trump and his allies that the recent presidential election was rigged for Biden. In their December letter, Dominion’s legal team insisted that “[litigation] regarding these issues is imminent” — and in the time since, the company has formally brought a defamation lawsuit against prominent Trump ally Sidney Powell, who was another chief proponent of the deranged election-related conspiracy theories.

These lies helped incite the recent Capitol rioting, where violent Trump supporters tried to forcibly disrupt the Congressional certification of the electoral college outcome, meaning Biden’s victory.

According to Maggie Haberman of the Times, Trump “has continued to tell advisers and allies he really won the election, with less than 48 hours to go before he leaves office.” In other words, although he’s stepped away from some of his public loudmouth behavior following the Capitol violence, he’s still apparently fervently committed to his ignorant belligerence. There is no conclusive evidence anywhere, in any state, that the election was “rigged” for Biden. No court has ever accepted this idea. Every single state has long since formally certified its presidential election results after strict comprehensive scrutiny of the outcome. What would it take for Trump to acknowledge the reality of what’s going on around him?