Trump’s Send Off Party Flops After Snub From Pence & GOP


Donald Trump will leave Washington DC after snubbing the new President Joe Biden. He is the first outgoing president in recent history to ignore tradition and provide a gracious hand-off to the incoming president and his wife. At least, Trump’s crudeness is consistent. Instead, he is throwing a party for himself. But he could not be happy with the way that is going.

Outgoing Vice President Mike ‘Hang ’em high’ Pence threw away his invitation. We cannot imagine why. Trump only sicced his mob of thousands upon the vice president as he was formalizing the Electoral College vote. The sound of “Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!” echoed off of the hallowed halls of the Capitol Building and Pence’s memory.

Trump might actually get that. But he will soon learn that as the lamest duck in any flock, 45 is as welcome as a guest who stays hours beyond the party’s end.

Temporary Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would love to come, but they both lost their invitations. They were probably lost in the mail after Trump had the rapid sorting machines disassembled and carted off before the November 3rd election. Instead, they will go in a show of unity to Mass with Biden, according to The Axios.

The near-citizen set up a departure ceremony in Maryland. Trump wants a 21-gun salute, jet flyovers, and more. Let us just hope that the only planes available for the flyovers were biplanes circa 1929, the band overslept, and the non-military guys with the guns were hauled in by the FBI.

Mar-a-Lago man even stooped to invite junior staff and five of their drinking buddies.  ABC News senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce said, The Independent wrote:

‘The president wants a big send-off with lots of flair. We’ve heard that he wants to be surrounded by uniformed military at Joint Base Andrews. There’ll be a military band. He wants a red carpet. We’ve even heard that he may be flanked by troops as he boards Air Force One for the final time. And there may even be an Air Force fighter jet flyover.’

Trump is so desperate to have a substantial crowd, for the visuals of course, he is sending invitations to people he does not even like, and the feeling is mutual. Take Anthony Scaramucci “the Mooch.” Not only did the 10-day director of White House communications guy get one, POTUS said bring five of your friends. In fact, all the guests apparently were welcome to bring their friends. If they did not have any friends, family members would suffice. It is all about the body count.

Trump’s party will be at Joint Base Andrews at 8:00 am Wednesday. There may still be plenty of room for surprise guests.

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