Crowd Size For ‘Big’ Anti-Biden Protest Revealed And It’s SAD


Almost no one showed up to Inauguration Day protests in support of outgoing President Donald Trump on Wednesday. After recent rioting at the U.S. Capitol, authorities implemented very strict security protocols in Washington, D.C., and at state capitols across the country, strict security measures also went into place — and in the face of these protections, Inauguration Day protests turned into what journalist Aaron Rupar described as “complete duds.” Around the time that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were getting sworn in over in D.C., there was one Trump supporter — a guy named Mark Leggiero — outside of the New York state Capitol.

Apparently, Leggiero drove about 45 minutes to be at the capitol and “expected a few thousand [people] here and [was] disappointed,” according to reporter Morgan McKay. Check out an image of the scene below:

Protests in favor of the outgoing president didn’t fare better elsewhere in the country. In California, there was also just one guy at the state Capitol as the inauguration ceremonies unfolded over in Washington, D.C. Although New York and California are, of course, generally liberal states, millions of Trump voters nevertheless reside there — but this large presence of Trump supporters didn’t translate into any kind of meaningful presence at state capitols. Trumpism is, by all appearances, in retreat. At the very least, it’s a failure — and now, as president, Joe Biden is beginning work to fix the damage.

Over in New Hampshire, where Trump held a rally prior to Election Day amidst hopes of flipping the state to his side, just a few of the outgoing president’s supporters showed up, while in Arizona, which figured prominently in Trump’s post-election fight against the election outcome, around a dozen Trump supporters were at the state Capitol building in the early afternoon… and that’s it. Reporter Ryan Mac, who was on the scene in Arizona, said that the few Trump supporters who were present were “having a picnic.” In Arizona, Trump’s allies repeatedly claimed that widespread fraud swung the election outcome to Biden, but there was never any legitimate evidence for these claims, which no court ever accepted.

The paltry pro-Trump protests on Inauguration Day unfolded after Trump himself left D.C. hours before Biden’s actual swearing in. For the time being, he’s staying in Florida at his Mar-a-Lago resort, although a Trump Organization agreement with local authorities prohibits anyone from staying at the premises full time. Check out some other images of dismally attended pro-Trump demonstrations below — in Nevada, Kansas, and elsewhere, barely anyone showed up!