‘NY Daily News’ Clowns On Trump With Defiant New Cover Image


The Trump presidency is over, and the New York Daily News — a hometown newspaper for the area in which ex-President Donald Trump himself grew up — is one of those celebrating his departure. The New York Post, another New York City publication that operates on a similar wavelength, is oriented towards the right-wing, but a cover this week from the New York Daily News includes an image of Trump leaving the White House alongside the caption: “And don’t come back!” Trump left D.C. early on Wednesday morning, hours before Biden’s actual inauguration. Now, Trump is staying at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Check out the new cover from the New York Daily News below — alongside the main headline, the paper included a sub-header that read: “After 4 years of fostering hate and division, Trump joins fellow geezers in Florida.”

Newly inaugurated President Joe Biden is getting right to work on turning back some of the chaos of the Trump administration. For starters, he’s taking the COVID-19 pandemic a lot more seriously than the Trump administration did — the Biden team is working on formulating a national vaccine distribution plan, and Biden has already officially appointed a COVID-19 response coordinator at the White House, Jeff Zients, who served in the Obama administration and now reports directly to President Biden. In the Obama administration, Zients’s roles included head of the National Economic Council and acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Biden has also already moved to rejoin the Paris climate deal and reversed the Trump administration’s planned departure from the World Health Organization. In addition, Biden and his team are prioritizing the passage of a new COVID-19 relief package that would be designed to help support the country through the pandemic. The Biden team is pushing proposals including money for state and local governments, an increase in SNAP benefits, an increase in unemployment assistance, and more.