‘The Lincoln Project’ Celebrates Biden & Trashes Trump In Latest Video


This week, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project celebrated the departure of now former President Donald Trump with a video message proclaiming that “morning” has arrived in the United States. The message mirrors something that they shared before Election Day, when they observed that there was “mourning” in the country amidst the Trump administration’s disastrous handling of COVID-19. Among other efforts, the Biden administration has already moved swiftly to combat the pandemic through working on formulating a national vaccine distribution plan and more.

In the new Lincoln Project video, a narrator shared as follows:

‘It’s morning in America. Today, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. President Biden and Vice President Harris will step into a White House still recovering from the mistakes of the past. The economy is still suffering and many Americans remain unemployed, but we are at the dawn of a new decade, and this afternoon, millions of Americans will be able to have pride in our president again. Today, there is reason for hope — hope that America’s strength will overcome the obstacles that almost brought us to our knees. It’s morning in America, and under the leadership of Joe Biden, the American people will be stronger, work to be healthier, and make our nation prosperous again.’

Check out the video below:

Going forward, some of the first agenda items for the Biden administration include the confirmation of some of the president’s top nominees and the passage of a new COVID-19 relief package for the American people. The Biden team has already put forward their proposal for a new COVID-19 relief package, and with Democratic control of both chambers of Congress, the eventually passed version of the relief legislation seems likely to end up pretty close to the Biden team’s original vision. The Biden team has proposed direct cash payments to Americans, an increase in unemployment assistance, money for state and local governments, and other critical steps.

The nation seems ready to move on from Trump. During his inaugural address, Biden didn’t mention his predecessor, and in a video message that former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton taped, there was also no mention of the now former president.