Board Votes Unanimously To Remove Trump Name After Coup Attempt


Imagine owning a condo with “soaring water views of the Intracoastal, Palm Beach, and the Atlantic Ocean. Then, imagine the name “Trump” slapped upon it. The situation for the people living there is reminiscent of biting into a perfect red apple then realizing that bite included half of a very live worm.

Do not worry. The worm can regenerate, much like the marketer and reality show host Donald Trump. In each new iteration, he grows back. Even so, he is still a worm.

Trump Plaza’s 221 units could not wait to get the Trump name off of the condominium complex. Of course, that is still its legal name, but now its residents do not have to live under that dark disturbing mantle.

Trump Plaza is not new, but condo owners invested heavily in revitalizing projects such as a new roof and paint. The balconies were restored, too, according to The Palm Beach Post:

‘[T]he pools and lobby have been renovated or redecorated, and the balconies restored, as part of the $6 million facelift.’

Trump’s January 6 weaponization of a mob and the attack on the Capitol Building left the condo board open to the opportunity of gaining enough support to rename the building:

‘[Members could] strip Trump’s name from the complex and change the condominium’s legal documents to reflect the change.’

After the January 6 insurrection, the board of the 32-story complex gained unanimous support to pull down the Trump name. They will “change the legal name of the twin-tower complex.”

On January 19, the vote made way for the residents to pick a new name for their luxurious condos have sold from between $1 million and over $4 million. The former president’s name had the effect of quashing many real estate deals. People do not want to buy or rent there simply due to the Trump name.

One of the condo owners was relieved:

‘It’s been a long time in coming. Most of us are relieved that the name will finally be off the buildings.’

Residents could submit alternative names until the end of February. Then, they will have to vote on a new name. Two-thirds of the condo dwellers have to approve that name. A resident said:

‘But I believe that an overwhelming majority of apartment owners will vote to approve the change.’

Trump Plaza board members have tried three times in just this year to detach themselves from the tainted name.

Former condo board President Abe Bernstein spoke to The Palm Beach Post in 2017:

‘Many of the residents here are international people and they consider the Trump name an asset.’

A real estate agent with Douglas Elliman in Palm Beach Burt Minkoff said:

‘The Trump brand is damaged, so rebranding the complex is a wise move.’

Even before the former president weaponized an angry mob and pointed them directly at the Capitol Building, there were problems:

‘[The Trump name] was a problem, and people did mention it. But with the insurrection, it’s become a bigger issue and a real lightning rod.’

Some real estate agents have tried to assure potential buyers and renters that the errant president was not associated with the complex. Logan Realty’s real estate website LiveWPB lists Trump Plaza units for sale with this disclaimer:

‘Not currently owned by Donald Trump.’

Deleting the Trump brand has been trending throughout the Palm Beach resident’s presidency. Resident’s associate the name with politics, controversy, and now possibly treason. Condo owners in two Manhattan Upper West Side buildings have deleted the ex-president’s name from their buildings’ exterior.

Trump has taken up residence at nearby Mar-a-Lago.

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