Thousands Of Republicans Drop Party Affiliation After Trump Insurrection


For some reason, the Republicans in Congress want to sweep the attack on America’s capitol, deaths of five people, and terrorization of the senators, representatives, and staff away and pull an ostrich. What is wrong with them?

Well, the Republican so-called legislators have no idea what the people they are supposed to represent want. They are so wrapped up in saving their jobs, trembling under their desks, and sucking up to the crazed man who reluctantly left the White House they do not have time for us. If they cannot do their jobs, and so far that seems true, they should resign — either that or people will fire them.

Voters do not want to be associated with them any longer. A very select group of over 30,000 registered Republicans watched the horrific attack by the angry mob chanting “Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!” Generations will watch the invasion in shocked silence that something so awful could happen here, that we very nearly lost our entire democracy to an enraged dictator. History will see the ostriches and brand these Republicans as cowards — forever.

These registered Republicans watched in horror, then they took action. They changed their voter registration. The country has not seen one event result so quickly in such a massive party shift. That spells bad news for their elected officials.

But maybe that was just the beginning. Not all states report their voter registration statistics weekly. The Republicans’ Senate loss was razor-thin, so any data shifts in swing states would be critical. This is what is happened thus far, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State statistics:


  • 10,000 left the Republican Party
  • 3,476 registered as Democrats
  • 66 percent registered with a different party or no party
  • 2,093 left the Democratic Pary and registered as Republican
  • 1,184 registered with another party

Voting and elections expert at the University of Florida Michael McDonald said:

‘Usually, absent a primary election that would induce people to switch parties so that they could participate in that primary, you don’t see much activity in party registration.’

North Carolina

  • 6,000 left the Republican Party


  • 5,000 left the Republicans


  • 4,500 left the Republicans


  • 2,300 left the Republican Party and became Democrats or unaffiliated


  • 1,000 left the Republicans in two Miami area counties
  • 2,000 left the Republicans in three Tampa Bay area counties

The actual number of Republican defectors will probably be higher, because many states’ data just has not yet been reported. McDonald continued:

‘These people who are doing this activity, they are likely very sophisticated voters. They’re highly participatory, most likely. If you’re sophisticated enough to change your party registration, you’re somebody who’s likely to vote.’

‘Prior to the election, the trend was in the opposite direction, there were more Republicans that were registering. It’s not just like it’s a little blip, it’s also a blip in a different direction than we’ve seen in previous years.’

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