GOP Senator Caught Lying About Pre-Riot Meeting At Trump Hotel


Photos have emerged depicting Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) at Trump’s D.C. hotel on January 5 — the day before deadly rioting at the U.S. Capitol — although a spokesperson for the first-term Alabama Senator denied that he had attended any meeting at the Trump property on that day. A photo showing Tuberville in the lobby of the Trump D.C. hotel went up on Instagram on January 5, and in a separate social media post from the same day, Charles W. Herbster — who led the Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee in the Trump administration — said that he was “in the private residence of the President at Trump International” with “patriots who are joining me in a battle for justice and truth,” including Tuberville.

Check out an image of Tuberville’s presence at the Trump hotel below:

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In yet another post, Daniel Beck, who serves as CEO of an Idaho tech company, said that he and others “spent the evening with” individuals including Tuberville and “talked about the elections, illegal votes, court cases, the republics’ status, what to expect on the hill tomorrow.” The following day, deadly rioting unfolded on Capitol Hill, where Trump supporters who were emboldened by lies about the recent presidential election’s integrity stormed the Capitol and attempted to forcibly stop Congressional proceedings to certify the electoral college outcome and Biden’s victory. In his Facebook post where he said that he met with Tuberville, Beck insisted that “TRUMP WILL RETAIN THE PRESIDENCY!!!”, and this exact delusion is what the rioters used as a guiding principle.

According to The Omaha World-HeraldHerbster’s meeting at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. on January 5 included a discussion of “how to pressure more members of Congress to object to the Electoral College results that made Joe Biden the winner.” Previously, Tuberville announced that he was open to the idea of objecting to the certification of some of Biden’s electoral votes, and he ended up following through and voting against those certifications even after the pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol and put him and his colleagues in serious danger.

Going forward, Republicans have complained about impeachment proceedings against Trump for his role in inciting the insurrection attempt because they say that the effort isn’t adequately unifying. Now they’re concerned about unity? Where was this feigned concern before people died on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol during an insurrection attempt incited by the then-president of the United States? Insurrection attempts aren’t things to goody-two-shoes your way out of accountability for!