Urgent Removal Of Law License From Trump Backer Lin Wood Proposed


According to far-right attorney Lin Wood, the State Bar of Georgia is demanding that he undergoes a mental health evaluation if he wants to keep his law license. Wood, who was banned from Twitter entirely earlier this month, has spent the time since the 2020 presidential election pushing an array of only increasingly unhinged conspiracy theories. His rhetoric reached such a vitriolic fever pitch that, at one point, he publicly discussed a possible execution of then-Vice President Mike Pence, who a murderous pro-Trump mob sought at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

In a message to his internet followers that Reuters journalist Jan Wolfe shared on Twitter, Wood commented, in part, as follows:

‘I really care about you. I feel your pain. I saw this mess coming months ago… I am fighting battles on every front. The State Bar of Georgia told me today they would demand a mental health exam from me if I wanted to keep my law license. My mind is sound. I have broken no rules. I asked what I had done wrong, I was only told it was about my social media comments. My speech.’

Check out his message below:

Needing to reassure observers of one’s supposed mental “soundness” isn’t a good sign. The incident mirrors a couple of occasions during Donald Trump’s recently concluded presidential administration when he insisted in response to questions about his mental fitness for office that he was a “stable genius.” Trump’s incessant disconnection from basic reality depicts him quite differently, however.

Meanwhile, Wood was also involved in a number of Trump-allied court fights in the wake of the recent presidential election, claiming that some kind of nationwide election-rigging scheme unfolded to deliver victory to Biden. None of his lawsuits got anywhere meaningful — and now, besides his apparent struggle to hang onto his law license, the city of Detroit is asking a federal judge to initiate disbarment proceedings against him and his pro-Trump ally, fellow attorney Sidney Powell. In the wake of the deadly rioting at the Capitol that their delusional lies helped incite, Detroit’s attorney David Fink insisted that Wood and Powell have “blood on [their]… hands.”