Jim Jordan Embarrasses Himself On Live TV Over Marjorie Greene


During an appearance on Fox News this week, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) feverishly complained about efforts to enact accountability for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) after a CNN report revealed how she repeatedly expressed apparent support for executing top Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). In his angry rant, Jordan characterized efforts against Greene as the work of “cancel culture,” which seems like an increasingly prominent conservative boogeyman these days, although if a member of the government shouldn’t be “cancelled” for once calling for the murder of a top official, then what on earth is worth taking seriously, in Jordan’s view?

Jordan petulantly ranted as follows:

‘No one’s condoning the remarks that she made. I’ve not heard any Republican say that those were appropriate, so that’s not the issue. The issue is: Once this starts, tell me where it ends? Who’s next? Think of the cancel culture — I said this on January 13 on the House floor during debate. I told the Democrats: If you guys keep going down this road, keep attacking people, their First Amendment free speech rights — where does it end? It won’t stop with Republicans. It’ll go to all of us… This will never end, and if we don’t stop it now, every single American is at risk, and that’s what concerns me.’

Check out his comments below:

Jordan’s petulant insistence that criticism of Greene is overblown is ridiculous. On camera, Greene characterized Pelosi as guilty of a “crime punishable by death.” On other occasions, she repeatedly expressed apparent agreement with Facebook commenters who said that the 2018 Parkland shooting was staged. No, Jim, criticism of Greene over these comments doesn’t represent some kind of conspiracy against free speech — it represents an effort to enact a basic level of accountability over violent rhetoric like that which led to deaths at the U.S. Capitol building just last month! Besides, this week, the House is planning to vote on a measure to remove Greene from her committee spots — boo-hoo. She is still a member of the United States Congress. She’s not the victim here!

At another point on Fox, Jordan characterized the imaginary boogeyman known as cancel culture as the “most dangerous thing happening in our country today.” Sure, there’s a global pandemic that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, and sure, Americans across the country are struggling to meet their basic needs amidst the economic chaos of that pandemic — but good ol’ Jim Jordan is apparently convinced that people being mean to Marjorie Taylor Greene after she agreed that Nancy Pelosi should be executed is the real major problem here. Maybe he’d like to visit a hospital packed with COVID-19 patients and overworked health care personnel and tell them that they don’t have it so bad because at least they’re not getting criticized like Marjorie Taylor Greene!