Manhattan DA Considers Move To Bypass Trump’s Pardon


Donald Trump’s supporters like to claim that he’s the only president who has stood up for them and put America first, but that doesn’t really jive with his pardon of former campaign and White House strategist Steve Bannon. Bannon and his associates, who started a fund to build Trump’s border wall after Congress refused to fund it, was arrested and charged with fraud for stealing from Trump supporters’ donations, and the president was so unconcerned with how his actions hurt Trump’s voters that he pardoned him before leaving office.

Bannon was accused and proven in court to have stolen more than a million dollars from the 25 million he and his friends raised for the We Build the Wall fund, which was fraudulent from its inception considering that the wall cannot be privately funded and built. However, Trump’s pardon does not extend to any state charges that Bannon faces, and it appears that the state of New York is discussing doing just that.

According to The Washington Post:

‘Investigators working under District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. in his office’s Major Economic Crimes Bureau are in early-stage discussions to determine if there’s a state case to be brought against Bannon for his actions in the fundraising campaign, according to two people with knowledge of the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the office’s deliberations.’


Bannon is not the only criminal in Trump’s inner circle to have been charged, prosecuted, found guilty, and then pardoned by the president. Trump associates Roger Stone, who is on tape threatening to kill a witness and his service dog for testifying against him, Paul Manafort, who was convicted of tax and bank fraud, and Michael Flynn, who worked as an unregistered foreign agent while serving as national security director and lied about his conversations with Russian officials during the transition period, have all received pardons during Trump’s final year in office.

‘Bannon’s pardon — which applies only to federal crimes — was among actions Trump took to resolve or reverse the cases of former associates accused or convicted of federal crimes, including Paul Manafort, his former campaign chairman, and Roger Stone, a longtime friend and adviser.’

In the end, there is no massive border wall that stretches across the U.S.-Mexico border, a campaign promise that could never have been realized. After voters ousted Trump after just one term in office, President Biden is likely to reverse every executive order Trump pushed on immigration. Trump supporters, who are still convinced that Trump was working for them, got nothing out of his presidency other than the joy of having a president with the same racist fears as them.

‘In August, Bannon was accused of personally taking more than $1 million from people who had donated to the “We Build the Wall” campaign and hoped to help secure one of Trump’s signature promises from the 2016 campaign. Construction of the wall was not near completion by the time Trump left office. It had been hailed by the former president as the centerpiece of his effort to curtail illegal immigration.’