Congressman Starts Plan To Fire Postmaster Louis Dejoy


Like most of the people who served in high-ranking positions under Donald Trump, Postmaster General Louis Dejoy had no experience working in the department they now run. Since his appointment to the United States Postal Service, mail has slowed considerably thanks to new guidelines put in place by Dejoy, guidelines that many saw as an attempt to influence the 2020 presidential election considering the expansion of mail-in voting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump did not appoint Dejoy directly. Instead, he chose a governing board who then voted on and approved Dejoy’s appointment as postmaster general. Rep. Donald McEachin (D-VA) announced on Thursday that he intends to push for Dejoy to be removed from that position, and he’s petitioning President Biden to fire the entire governing board if they fail to oust the controversial head of the USPS.

According to The Richmond Times-Dispatch:

‘McEachin urged the Postal Service Board of Governors on Thursday to replace DeJoy – appointed in May by then-President Donald Trump before a presidential election that relied on record delivery of mail-in absentee ballots that the former president continues to blame for his loss.’

Prior to Dejoy’s appointment, postal carriers followed long-observed practices such as waiting until all mail was available to deliver before beginning their deliveries. Dejoy changed that, ordering that they leave any mail that isn’t ready for delivery until the following day. Between that and other policies that Dejoy has imposed, many Americans are experiencing delays of important mail, such as medicines and stimulus checks needed to survive during the pandemic. McEachin intends to push back against those policies and Dejoy’s power to impose them.

‘DeJoy imposed a series operational cutbacks that McEachin blamed for a breakdown in service that resulted in just 64% of first-class mail being delivered on time in late December and just 55.1% in the Richmond Postal District, compared with 90% last spring. Late deliveries also affected priority mail, including prescription medications.

‘”Due to ongoing mismanagement, this American institution has been stretched to its limits, leading to transportation challenges, staff shortages and unacceptable delivery times across the country,” McEachin said in a press briefing on Thursday morning.’

McEachin says that he is representing his constituents in this effort, who have made clear that Dejoy’s rules are affecting them negatively.
In a letter to President Biden and Postal Service governing board, McEachin said:

‘I have heard from my constituents about declining mail delivery service, including instances of priority mail, such as bills and prescription medications, being delivered weeks late, a serious issue which can have significant and potentially life-altering consequences.’

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