Latest Biden Approval Polls Have Democrats Smiling Wide


A significant majority of Americans, 70 percent, believe that President Joe Biden respects the nation’s institutions a new poll found. This in the midst of an unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, which is expected to worsen before the vaccine-effect kicks into action. The Associated Press-NORC (AP-NORC) Center for Publican Affairs Research poll found most Democrats and approximately one-fourth of the Republicans support the president.

Although this is the traditional honeymoon phase of his presidency, the previous resident of the White House never went above 50 percent in Gallup polls, even during the same time period.

Donald Trump left President Biden a ferocious pandemic, a poor release of the vaccines, serious economic uncertainty due to the pandemic, and the January 6 failed coup. He will be sorely tested on how well Americans perceive he does.

He could not have stepped into American history at a more trying time, according to The Associated Press. Historians say that this crossroad of desperate events may equal that of those faced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the worst of the Great Depression and Abraham Lincoln with the Civil War.

Biden’s advisers know that the new president will be quickly judged by Americans on his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has killed nearly 455,000 and infected 26,600,119 people in this country.

A group of Republican senators approached him with a laughable $618 billion package. Biden was willing to listen to what they proposed. Basically, it was a repeat of a Republican play they used against President Barack Obama. They feigned a good-faith effort to string the Democrats alone, forced them to reduce the bill, then voted against it anyway.

This time around, Biden is not falling for that old trick.

Speaking to Democrats Tuesday, according to ABC News, President Biden indicated:

‘He’s urgently pressing Congress to pass a $1.9 trillion relief package that would include funds for vaccine distribution, school reopening and state and local governments buckling under the strain of the pandemic. We have to go big, not small.’

Tom Tierney, 65, calls himself a “moderate Independent.” He lives in Richland, Washington and voted for Biden in the 2020 election. He said that he has doubts about the Republicans’ desire to work with Biden. Tierney suggested that Biden should move forward and not waiting upon the Republicans:

‘I think that Biden’s going to have to eventually play hardball and say, you know what, you guys don’t really want to compromise.’

Miguel Castillo, 39, who lives in Columbus, Georgia voted for Trump in the 2020 election. So far, he has not been impressed with President Joe Biden. Although, he hopes the new president succeeds:

‘Whatever he does, it affects all of us as Americans. I hope that his presidency is a good presidency. I don’t wish him to fail. I honestly do not. ‘

The AP-NORC poll was conducted from January 28 to February 1. The sample of 1,055 adults was taken from NORC’s probability-based AmeriSpeak Panel and is representative of the American public. The margin of error was 3.8 +/- percent.

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