Romney Pushes GOP Aside & Offers Cash Payments To Families


Although it does not feel like it, there actually is some bipartisanship in America. As the country waits to watch the Democrats strip the strange angry fantasy-laden Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committees, it is rewarding to see a small spark of politically working together. So, who is this person we seek, and is his attitude contagious?

One of the most important bills to move through Congress is a bill to provide relief to families during the terrible coronavirus epidemic that is eating its way through the lives of nearly 455,000 Americans, their surviving families, and doing untold damage to the nations’ psyche and its economy. One in five U.S. children live in poverty with the coronavirus pandemic, and in some locations, such as Washington D.C. that statistic is one in four children, The DC Curbed indicated.

Former Governor and current Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) revealed a plan on Thursday to give families with children monthly payments. This looks like a good first offering.

His plan piqued the interest of many Democrats, because they have been thinking about similar a similar idea. In a news release, Romney said, according to The Washington Post:

‘This proposal offers a path toward greater security for America’s families by consolidating the many complicated programs to create a monthly cash benefit for them, without adding to the deficit.’

White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain tweeted.

‘Really looking forward to see what @SenatorRomney will propose here — an encouraging sign that bipartisan action to reduce child poverty IS possible.’

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There is a cap to Romney’s offering:

‘Romney’s proposal would provide $4,200 per year for every child up to the age of 6, as well as $3,000 per year for every child age 6 to 17. Senior Democrats are currently drafting legislation as part of their $1.9 trillion stimulus proposal that would provide $3,600 per year for every child up to the age of 6, as well as $3,000 for every child aged 6 to 17.’

A group favoring a child allowance, The Niskanen Center’s site, claims that Romney’s plan should reduce America’s child poverty by about 33 percent.

In order to qualify, the children must have Social Security numbers. Parents would have to apply and could qualify four months before a child is due.

Romney’s idea phases out single tax filers whose income rises above $200,000 and married couples with incomes of more than $400,000. This mimics the existing child tax credits. The payments would come from the Social Security Administration. Should there be overpayments or underpayments, they could be reconciled in American’s tax returns.

Apparently, Romney sees some children services overlap:

‘Romney would offset the cost of his proposal by eliminating some federal programs that he argues would be duplicative with his child allowance, including the head-of-household filing status, the child and dependent care tax credit, and temporary assistance for needy families.’

To offset the cost, the senator wants to cut the earned income tax credit and end the state and local tax deductions. During his tenure, Donald Trump cut that tax, but Romney said that his own plan still was better.

President Joe Biden has proposed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 pandemic relief bill with or without the Republican’s support, according to another Washington Post resource. The president’s bill would increase the child tax credit. A number of the Democrats hope that the IRS could give families advance child tax credit payments on a monthly basis.

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