Judge Hits Trump While Down And Rules Against Him In Chicago


Donald Trump made it clear throughout his presidency that he doesn’t understand much about the environment or climate change. After all, the man tried to tell his followers that windmills cause cancer and climate change is a hoax dreamed up by the Chinese government. Regardless of his ignorance, he is bound by the same laws as everyone else, and a Chicago judge intends to make sure he follows them.

The heating and air conditioning units in Trump’s Chicago hotel was found to be using enough water to fill an entire swimming pool every hour while also putting that water back into waterways at 35 degrees warmer than they came in. That has a huge impact on marine life and the environment in general, and Trump has repeatedly violated laws to make it happen.

According to The Chicago Tribune:

‘Judge Sophia H. Hall’s one-page ruling is the latest development in a case brought to public attention in 2018, when the Chicago Tribune revealed the Trump International Hotel & Tower was the only downtown high-rise that had failed to take legally mandated steps to protect fish in the rapidly improving waterway.’

As his businesses lose money every day and have struggled since his election, Trump faces penalties of up to $60,000 per day every day that he continues to violate those regulations. Trump’s shady business practices were a focus during his administration, with more and more morally ambiguous, unethical, and even illegal practices revealed throughout.

‘Like other large users that draw water directly from rivers or lakes, Trump Tower is required to follow federal and state regulations detailing how facilities should limit the number of fish pinned against intake screens or killed by sudden changes in pressure and temperature.’

Trump has lost the protection of the office of president, making him open to being held accountable like any other private citizen. As he faces a Senate trial and an investigation by the Southern District of New York for potential tax and bank fraud, Trump is about to learn how the other half lives.

‘Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s office is seeking fines of $50,000 a day, plus $10,000 for each day the violations continued. Though the penalties legally could add up to $12 million, the state typically settles with defendants for considerably less money.

‘“No one is exempt from compliance with the laws that protect Illinois’ environment and most valuable natural resources, and we will continue to seek to hold the defendants accountable for violations of state environmental laws that jeopardized the quality of the Chicago River,” Raoul said in a statement.’