GOP Devastated By ABC News/Ipsos Poll Over Trump Impeachment


His attorneys say that Donald Trump will not appear in his own defense during his Impeachment Trial II. Still, an image of the former president bursting through the Senate doors is hard to erase from the mind. Yet, they say he will stay in Florida to watch quietly on television. This is one upside-down situation.

The trial begins on Tuesday, and a new ABC News/IPSOS Poll has indicated that a majority of Americans, who tend to be far smarter than their representatives, think he should be convicted. Around 40 senators at a minimum think otherwise. The voters also want Trump banned from ever holding federal office again.

ABC News partnered with Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel to build Sunday’s  ABC News/Ipsos Poll:”

‘With his impeachment trial set to begin this week, a narrow majority of Americans say they support the Senate convicting former President Donald Trump and barring him from holding federal office again.’

The reason Trump was impeached in the House this second time was for “incitement to insurrection” on January 6, 2021.

People were more generous during the ex-president’s first impeachment trial, 47 percent said Trump should go and 49 percent disagreed. This time around, 56 percent of Americans want him convicted and prevented from holding public office again. Only 43 percent disagreed.

A full 17 Republicans would have to move over to the Democratic side of the vote in order to convict Trump. That is assuming all of the Democrats stayed true to their party.

The major difference between Impeachment I and II was Trump has not been president since January 20, 2021. His attorneys wanted to follow this Constitutionality tact against inciting a failed coup. Conversely, president number 45 instructed them to fight against the “corrupt” election where, in Fantasyland, Trump won.

Nine percent of Republicans have recently thought the Senate should vote to remove Trump from office. Just 15 percent of Republicans indicate they will vote in the Senate for Trump’s conviction and bar him from holding office.

Democrats voted 92 percent in favor of convicting him. Independents have been more representative of Americans. A full 54 percent of them agree with convicting and 45 percent against.

Representative Nicole Malliotaki (R-NY) released a statement about her vote to remove Greene from her committees via Twitter:

‘While I’ll continue to be consistent in my condemnation of offensive comments and inappropriate actions, I’m patiently awaiting Speaker Pelosi’s resolution to remove Congressman [Eric] Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee over his ties to a suspected Chinese Spy and Congresswoman [Ilhan] Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee for her shameful anti-Semitic comments.’

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The ABC News/Ipsos Poll was done by Ipsos Public Affairs’ Knowledge Panel on February 5 and 6, 2021 among a randomly-generated 508-adult sample. It was given in English and Spanish to Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The margin of error was 4.8 points, which is relatively high, and thus, less reliable.

All the while, Congress and much of the press have been focused upon QAnon conspiracy theorist and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. She said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should be shot in the head and made other vicious comments online. Some of her colleagues are terrified of the gun she may carry, especially since she prefers to go around the new metal detector.

Click on this link to see the entire poll.

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