Mass Exodus From Republican Party Accelerates


One MSNBC pundit said that the Republican Party is alive but it is dead inside. During the first day of the Donald Trump’s impeachment trial deux, Republicans in the Senate shuffled papers rather than look at the horrifying video portraying the timeline of events. Some of them were bored, others disinterested. One read a book, all proving the point that the traditional Republicans are mostly gone.

These politicians have proven that they care more about retaining their own seats of power than representing the people who voted them into office. What they do not seem to realize is that they are losing the morality race.

The New York Times showed that the January 6 Capitol coup caused a strong reaction among Republican voters. Many voters were horrified enough to change parties.

In 25 states, 140,000 Republicans had changed their party affiliation. Another 19 states do not have voter registration data.

Over 33,000 registered Republicans left the party in California, 12,000 in Pennsylvania, and over 10,000 in Arizona.

NBC News reported on the educational factor:

‘Since 2010, the percentage of self-identified Democrats with a college degree has grown by 6 points, while the percentage without education beyond high school has declined by 7 points. On the Republican side, the story is reversed. The percentage with at least a college degree has declined by 5 points. The percentage without education beyond high school has climbed by 7 points.’

Why? Army veteran from Mechanisburg, PA Juan Nunez explained:

‘What happened in D.C. that day, it broke my heart. It shook me to the core.’

Arizona Republican strategist Chuck Coughlin said:

‘The exodus that’s happening right now, based on my instincts and all the people who are calling me out here, is that they’re leaving as a result of the acts of sedition that took place and the continued questioning of the Arizona vote.’

The host of conspiracy theories from the Republican leaders and the mob attack on January 6 pushedMayor Michael Taylor of Sterling Heights, MI over the edge. He explained his thinking:

‘There was enough before the election to swear off the G.O.P., but the incredible events since have made it clear to me that I don’t fit into this party. It wasn’t just complaining about election fraud anymore. They have taken control of the Capitol at the behest of the president of the United States. And if there was a clear break with the party in my mind, that was it.’

Professor of political science at the University of Florida Michael McDonald commented:

‘Since this is such a highly unusual activity, it probably is indicative of a larger undercurrent that’s happening, where there are other people who are likewise thinking that they no longer feel like they’re part of the Republican Party, but they just haven’t contacted election officials to tell them that they might change their party registration. So this is probably a tip of an iceberg.’

Former Republican Kevin Madden worked on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. He noted:

‘It’s not a birthright and it’s not a religion. Political parties should be more like your local condo association. If the condo association starts to act in a way that’s inconsistent with your beliefs, you move.’

A top political adviser to Senate Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the minority leader, Josh Holmes said:

‘You never want to lose registrations at any point, and clearly the January scene at the Capitol exacerbated already considerable issues Republicans are having with the center of the electorate. Today’s receding support really pales in comparison to the challenges of a decade ago, however, when Republicans went from absolute irrelevance to a House majority within 18 months.’

‘ Republicans can reunite behind basic conservative principles and stand up to the liberal overreach of the Biden administration, things will change a lot quicker than people think.’

North Carolina communications director Tim Wigginton released a statement:

‘Relatively small swings in the voter registration over a short period of time in North Carolina’s pool of over seven million registered voters are not particularly concerning.’

Among Democrats, 79,000 have left the party since early January.

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