Giuliani Gets Officially Served With Legal Papers Over Massive Lawsuit


Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” has caused untold pain and suffering as the video scenes during his impeachment trial dos have shown. The ex-president wanted a second term, and he would do anything, anything to win the 2020 election. This includes the death of five Americans and three police officers. Trump’s former personal attorney and self-described fixer Michael Cohen warned us. Now, his attorney Rudy Giuliani is suffering.

The ex and his minions accused Dominion Vote Systems of being complicit in the lie that there was massive voter fraud. Dominion fought back. It notified Trump attorney Sydney Powell of her part in the company’s $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit. According to The Newsweek magazine, she avoided being served for several weeks, even crossing state lines:

‘But the record should reflect that: (1) Powell refused to respond to requests from Plaintiffs’ counsel about executing waivers of service of process (which would have extended the time to respond to the complaint); and (2) Powell evaded service of process for weeks, forcing Dominion to incur unnecessary expenses for extraordinary measures to effect service, including hiring private investigators and pursuing Powell across state lines.’

Then, the company turned its sights towards Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. The Hill reporter John Kruzel reported that Giuliani had “been served and must respond by March 3, 2021:”

‘Rudy Giuliani has been served court papers in Dominion’s $1.3 B defamation suit against him.’

Kruzel continued:

‘Just as Giuliani and his allies intended, the Big Lie went viral on social media as people tweeted, retweeted, and raged that Dominion had stolen their votes. While some lies — little lies — flare up on social media and die with the next news cycle, the Big Lie was different,” Dominion wrote in their lawsuit. “The harm to Dominion’s business and reputation is unprecedented and irreparable because of how fervently millions of people believe it.’

Dominion Voting Systems sent letters this week to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Parler, The Forbes magazine reported. It requested:

‘[They] preserve posts asking them to preserve posts from right-wing figures who have spread false allegations about the company’s voting machines, following previous defamation lawsuits filed by them and competitor Smartmatic against Fox News and attorneys Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani.’

The New York Times reported that at the end of the Trump administration, the Department of Justice (DOJ) officials:

‘[Tried to] block federal prosecutors in Manhattan from taking a crucial step in their investigation into Rudolph W. Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine, delaying a search warrant for some of Mr. Giuliani’s electronic records, according to people with knowledge of the matter.’

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was a prime target along with Powell and Giuliani. Dominion has sent letters to:

‘[C]onservative news outlets Newsmax, One America News, Fox News and the Epoch Times, along with media personalities Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Maria Bartiromo and Newsmax’s Greg Kelly.’

‘Last month, Dominion filed defamation lawsuits against Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. More will follow.’

Smartmatic is also:

‘[C]ontinuing to analyze” legal claims against OAN and Newsmax, after previously sending both companies letters warning of potential litigation.’

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