Trump Jr Spazzes Out Over Impeachment During ‘Newsmax’ Meltdown


Donald Trump’s impeachment trial dos is breathtakingly vivid. Today, the House Managers have shown how very real the threat is today, tomorrow, and the day after. Post-January 6 is an ongoing security threat.

Donald Trump showed no remorse, no regret, no apology. Why? Because, the people he invited to Washington, DC, riled to an enraged state, and pointed directly at the Capitol Building did what they thought he wanted. They awaited his orders.

Now, the trial has been ongoing at the very scene of this crime Trump thrust upon America. Those he enraged came within seconds of massacring his own Vice President Mike Pence (R), Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). But the bloodlust was running high, and any legislator regardless of party could have been torn to shreds.

Uncharacteristically, Trump has remained silent, but not his son. Donald Trump Jr. went on Newsmax and whined that his dad’s impeachment trial was “unfair.” He claimed that the Democrats “insurrected” even earlier.

Then, Don Junior claimed that the January 6 attack was not related to his dad, that it did not “tie back.” How pitiful his words sounded after the brilliance of the Democratic representatives:

‘By that logic, we would take the last ten months and you would take the billion dollars worth of damage in looting, in rioting, in arson, in murder that took place across the country with the [Black Lives Matter] riots and the Antifa riots and you have the words of Kamala Harris, you have the actions of their campaign bailing out criminals. You have the words of Maxine Waters. You know, get up in their face. Nancy Pelosi, everyone.’

It got worse. Junior laughingly said that the January 6 attempted coup came from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg supporters, even after she died this past fall. A visual of little girls dressed up for Halloween in RBG robes and lace collars came to mind, dancing,  “storming” the Capitol Building.

Junior continued:

‘You had everything else. All “Insurrected” by the Democrats and by their rhetoric on TV.’

The eldest Trump son was reverting to his teenage years, tossing about words like “OK” and “Right?” He continued:

‘We’ve all denounced what happened on Jan. 6. No one hasn’t. OK? That doesn’t mean that then, by their rules, that they would be absolved of ten months of Jan. 6 that happened across the entire country. Right?’

The ex-president’s offspring said that he was not trying to say punish the Democrats:

‘I don’t think that every time that someone says something that we should be able to tie it back to a couple of actions by lunatic players and say we’ve got to blame the person saying it.’

Check out Don Jr. in this video via Newsmax below:

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