WSJ Editorial Board Condemns Trump As Permanent Loser


Australian turned American Rupert Murdoch owns The Wall Street Journal. He has made his money and his reputation for controversial tactics along the lines of a grocery store rag. Alien baby born to Brittney Spears. Their star-crossed relationship was doomed from the beginning. She likes strawberry ice-cream and the alien will only eat chocolate. But Murdoch’s editorial staff was dead serious Sunday.

The editorial staff thoroughly condemned Donald Trump in its column, Trump’s Non-Vindication. They insisted:

‘Mr. Trump’s behavior was inexcusable and will mar his legacy for all time.’

The board argued that 45 was solely responsible for the January 6 insurrection against the American Capitol Building and the near massacre of the legislators within it. Trump certainly came within feet and seconds of taking the American democracy and turning it into a dictatorship.

There are still unanswered questions about the tragic unpreparedness of the Capitol security. How much of that was due to Donald Trump’s intentional actions?

Granted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) criticism of Trump was scathing. Yet, he voted to acquit Trump. He said that impeaching a man who is now a private citizen had such a “limiting principle,” meaning President Joe Bidens Department of Justice (DOJ) would have to deal with his predecessor’s mess.

WSJ blamed Trump completely for not calling “off the rioters:”

‘[R]efusing for hours to ask his supporters to stand down. Mr. Trump’s Jan. 6 early-afternoon comments to House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy dismissing a plea to call off the rioters, as related second-hand by GOP Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, are further evidence of Mr. Trump’s dereliction.’

The board commended the seven Republican senators who bravely broke with the current Republican Party leaders. Instead, they voted to impeach Donald Trump by putting country above party.

Edmund Burke spoke to Bristol electors in 1774:

‘It is his duty [as a Member of Parliament] to sacrifice his repose, his pleasures, his satisfactions, to theirs; and above all, ever, and in all cases, to prefer their interest to his own. But his unbiassed opinion, his mature judgment, his enlightened conscience, he ought not to sacrifice to you, to any man, or to any set of men living.’

The board further argued to clear McConnell’s name, saying he did not enable the ex-president. The column claimed that the Kentucky senator was doing the work of the party and their constituents.

Then, the column claimed that voters in the 2016 presidential election helped Trump. That was where the Murdoch touch began to show through:

‘[They] aided by the Democrats who nominated Hillary Clinton.

The board advised against censuring Trump as Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had already ruled against. The WSJ said that doing so would just hand the former president and friends ammunition:

‘[T]hat elites are disenfranchising them. We’d still support such a resolution, though not if it includes language from Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment barring Mr.Trump from holding federal office again. Far better to trust the voters to render their judgment if Mr. Trump chooses to run again.’

The board’s argument was that even if Trump should run once more, perhaps leading a third party, the Trump Party. Of course, that would further fracture the Republican Party making a win impossible:

‘[He] won’t win another national election. The country is moving past the Trump Presidency, and the GOP will remain in the wilderness until it does too.’

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