GOP Powerhouse Publicly Abandons Trump On Sunday ‘Meet The Press’


During a weekend appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, ex-Republican Congressman Will Hurd — who just left office earlier this year after he declined to run for re-election — said that Trump should have “very little” authority over the GOP moving forward. Hurd pointedly noted that Trump’s electoral record isn’t that great — besides losing the White House in 2020, Republicans also lost the House and Senate on his watch, although Democratic control in each of these chambers is slim at present. The former Congressman also derided Trump’s obsession with “conspiracy theories,” characterizing these endeavors as a waste of time.

Asked what role that Trump should have in the GOP as it moves into the future, Hurd told host Chuck Todd as follows:

‘I think very little, if none at all. This is a president that lost the House, the Senate, the White House in four years. I think the last person to do that was Herbert Hoover, and that was in the Great Depression. And when you look at, in the 2020 election, the number of Republicans that were successful significantly outperformed President Trump, and so the opportunity that we have is we should be talking to disaffected Democrats.’

Check out his comments below:

Trump, for his part, does not seem as though he’s interested in giving up his conspiracy theories. In recent days, he reiterated his insistence that he was the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election, an idea that is, of course, not actually supported by facts or reality. At this point, believing in Trump’s delusional wannabe fairy tale that some kind of nationwide fraud scheme unfolded in 2020 would require believing that secret fraudsters have infiltrated virtually the entirety of the U.S. government. The entire presidential transition process has long since played out — but Trump refuses to admit the truth of the reality around him.

Trump doesn’t seem as though he’s interested in taking on Hurd’s implicit suggestion for him to step aside. Trump’s Save America political action committee ended last year with tens of millions of dollars on hand after months of successful fundraising off the lie that the 2020 presidential election was rigged for Joe Biden. More recently, Trump insisted after his acquittal by the Senate on an impeachment charge of incitement of insurrection that his movement “has only just begun.”