Trump Goes Berserk Over SCOTUS During Monday Meltdown


In case it wasn’t clear enough already, former President Donald Trump released a statement on Monday confirming that he remains completely unhinged following his departure from the White House. In the statement, he freaked out about the Monday U.S. Supreme Court order for the release of his tax returns to Manhattan prosecutors, but that development wasn’t the only target of his ire. Displaying his just incredible “poor me” victim complex, Trump’s comments were titled: “Statement on the Continuing Political Persecution of President Donald J. Trump,” which by itself seems insane. Trump has faced duly proceeding investigations in response to openly documented behavior on his part, and he’s now melting down with complaints about “political persecution.”

Trump described the ongoing criminal investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance as “a continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our Country.” Once, an actual witch hunt was once conducted on American soil, and in the time since, a literal civil war unfolded, the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy led a frenzied hunt for suspected Communists across American life, and the FBI ran their infamous COINTELPRO operations against largely left-wing groups that culminated in repeated murders of left-wing activists — but the self-obsessed ex-president thinks that going through court proceedings like those that play out in courts across the country every single week constitutes the greatest political “Witch Hunt” in American history.

Trump petulantly added as follows:

‘The Supreme Court never should have let this “fishing expedition” happen, but they did. This is something which has never happened to a President before, it is all Democrat-inspired in a totally Democrat location, New York City and State, completely controlled and dominated by a heavily reported enemy of mine, Governor Andrew Cuomo. These are attacks by Democrats willing to do anything to stop the almost 75 million people… who voted for me in the election — an election which many people, and experts, feel that I won. I agree!’

This statement is just — wow. Trump is not connected to the actual reality of what’s going on in the country. “Many” credible experts do not think that Trump was the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election. The entire presidential transition process has long since played out, meaning that believing that Trump was the rightful winner would likely require a belief in a staggering level of secret fraud at virtually all levels of government. That’s not reality — that’s a pathologically self-obsessed fantasyland.

Going on, Trump pledged to “fight on” — yet again utilizing the violent and militaristic language that culminated in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building by his delusional supporters. Complaining about imaginary “election crimes,” he insisted that “We will win!”, which is wild — the election is over! At this point, Trump’s behavior just gets more and more humiliating. Check out his utterly bonkers statement by clicking on the post below: