Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Publicly Shamed Over Public Stunt


Unsurprisingly, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) — a far-right Trump ally and first-term Congresswoman — recently announced opposition to a new piece of legislation called the Equality Act, which would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In response, Rep. Marie Newman (D-Il.), who has an office at the U.S. Capitol that’s right across the hall from a Greene office, put up a transgender flag that anyone coming or going from Greene’s office would inescapably see. The transgender flag, which honors people outside of Greene’s idealized binary gender structure, features pink, blue, and white stripes.

Check out footage of Newman putting the transgender flag in place at the Capitol below:

Greene went on an angry, sprawling rant against the Equality Act on Twitter, where she characterized the legislation as “a direct attack on God’s creation.” As she put it, God “created us male and female.” For starters, the difference between biological sex and gender identity is not particularly complicated, but Republicans like Greene nevertheless refuse to acknowledge this fundamental reality. Greene claimed that the legislation “has nothing to do with stopping discrimination against the LGBT community, [which] could be done easily without this.” Instead, she claimed, the Equality Act “has everything to do with attacking God & believers,” which is laughable. Anti-discrimination legislation is not some kind of attack against God.

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Greene recently was voted out of her positions on House committees after her repeated previous expressions of support for executing prominent Democrats resurfaced. She also previously expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory movement, but she distanced herself from that conspiracy in House floor remarks. Nevertheless, the reality is that Republicans put someone in Congress who, among other travesties, once expressed apparent doubt that school shootings were real, and that’s a travesty, no matter the recent attempted retractions from Greene.

Greene spoke with ex-President Donald Trump over the phone, said that she had his support, and also said that she’d be meeting with him soon. The full House voted to remove Greene from her committee assignments after the Republican conference declined to take the step.