Trump Could Be Forced To Testify Under Oath Later This Year


Just as a mob attack violates the Capitol leaving it soiled and damaged, that can be a personal experience, too. What many do not understand is that sexual molestation can dramatically change people’s lives. It is when they really understand that they are no longer safe in this world, and that may shake their foundation. Scores of women have accused Donald Trump of raping and sexually molesting them. Not only did he try to steal the 2020 presidential election, he has allegedly been stealing from women his entire adult life if they are right.

Writer E. Jean Carroll went shopping with a fashion consultant in New York City recently. She was looking for the “best outfit” for the day she holds Trump responsible in court for what he did decades ago.

The author and journalist is now 77 and plans to go into the room if Trump is deposed. She hopes that will happen this year, according to Reuters:

‘I am living for the moment to walk into that room to sit across the table from him. I think of it everyday.’

Her attorneys want to depose Trump in Carroll’s defamation lawsuit they filed against in November 2019. She alleged that he raped her when she was in a Manhattan department store in the mid-1990s. Of course, Trump denied it and as usual, turned it against her. He claimed he never met her and said that she was just lying so that she could bump up sales on her new book.

In a cruel verbal slap, he added:

‘She’s not my type.’

She is seeking “unspecified damages” and Trump retracting his comments. Another defamation lawsuit against Trump also alleged sexual misconduct allegations. Now that Trump is retired, these cases may begin to pick up speed.

Former federal prosecutor and adjunct professor of clinical law at the New York University School of Law Jennifer Rodgers said:

‘The only barrier to proceeding with the civil suits was that he’s the president.’

Carroll’s attorney Roberta Kaplan said:

‘I think there will be a sense among the judges that it’s time to get a move on in these cases.’

Her attorneys also want a DNA sample from Trump. E. Jean Carroll still has the dress she wore when Trump raped her. She commented:

‘I hung it in my closet.’

Biochemist for his DNA analysis consulting firm and former Texas Department of Public Safety’s State Crime Laboratory Monte Miller said:

‘How his DNA got on that dress would be the argument. It’s for the attorneys and the courts and everybody else to argue about why it’s there and how it got there.’

Carroll meets regularly with other women who have claimed Trump sexually molested them, according to The New Yorker:

‘This defamation suit is not about me. It’s about every woman “who can’t speak up.’

A former actor on his reality TV show The Apprentice, Summer Zervos also accused Trump of sexual misconduct. In 2016, she claimed that he kissed her against her will during a 2007 New York business meeting. Later, she said that he groped her in a California hotel when she was interviewing for a job.

Once again, Trump claimed that Zervos was lying. That was when she filed her lawsuit against him. She is seeking damages plus a retraction. Naturally, Trump tried to get the suit thrown out of court. But his contention that he was immune from state court lawsuits was inaccurate.

Over two dozen women, one as young as 13, have publicly accused Trump of sexual misconduct prior to him becoming the U.S. president. That creates a modus operandi (MO). He allegedly goes from conversation to attack with shocking speed often in public or semi-private locations. Then, he forces himself upon them. Trump ignores anything the women say. Afterward, he denies the attack and calls the women “liars.”

A woman who alleges that she was 13 when he attacked her tried to sue him twice, but succumbed to his threats and withdrew from her lawsuit. According to Snopes, the only evidence was the woman’s word.

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