Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Humiliated By Her Favorite Gym


Ultra-conservative Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) did the WOD. Now, what would that be? It seems to refer to the Workout of the Day, which could have just as easily been WOTD, but that does not roll off of the tongue as easily. Then, we might try WOT. Now, that is good, except people may think people are saying “What?” “What?” There is more.

Members who do the WOD often dedicated it to someone in the military. That sounds a bit off. Still, much in the Trump Party sounds off. In one of Greene’s campaign videos Save America, Stop Socialism!, she was working out at CrossFit Passion, and it went viral.

The representative does not have much to do now that her committees have been stripped away, according to the National Public Radio (NPR):

‘[Her] incendiary comments and apparent support of violence against Democrats.’

When The Buzzfeed News asked Greene’s Communications Director Nick Dyer for a comment, he responded:

‘What is wrong with you? Seriously, do you not have anything better to do?’

A member of CrossFit’s new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council told BuzzFeed News:

‘It ends up by saying we don’t support this lady, which is a pretty hard stance to take especially for CrossFit being as tied to it is to the military and generally the conservative movement.’

CrossFit spokesperson Andrew Weinstein said:

‘CrossFit supports respectful fact-based political dialogue to address our common challenges, and we strongly oppose the loathsome and dangerous lies attributed to Ms. Greene.’

One of the CrossFit affiliates’ owners asked to remain anonymous regarding the brand’s link to basically conservative groups. These include QAnon, those behind Greene, or those who support Glassman. The owner said:

‘There’s a huge amount of people who are silently fine with how everything is. Marjorie Taylor Greene? Fine. We’ll just ignore her and hold our nose.’

The owner continued, pointing at a 2015 study conducted by two former Harvard Divinity School students. It compared CrossFit to religion and looked for evidence that people had turned to their gyms instead of their churches:

‘I see all of the manipulations of indoctrination into something. The large majority of CrossFit are disenfranchised people who are left out. They meet friends and like-minded people, they work hard, suffer together, they party together, they likely drink together — there’s a huge hookup problem — that’s widespread, that’s the norm.’

‘That’s very much the ethos: You find something, you work hard, you learn the secret knowledge, and you’re accepted. That’s what I mean when they’re susceptible to QAnon.’

Weinstein said not every one of its tens of thousands of members shared the same opinions:

‘Ms. Greene sold her gym long before the current leadership team took over CrossFit, and the company has no relationship with her.’

Former affiliate owner Alyssa Royse said:

‘That’s just such a weak statement. Yes, they can and should distance themselves from her, she’s still posting her workouts and talking about the gym she no longer owns.’

Greene argued against LGBTQ protections in the Equality Act on the House floor:

‘I have competed in sports and I am so thrilled that I was able to do that, that I competed against biological women.’

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